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Hah! Sid Miller- Running for AG Commissioner- Too Busy to Read the AG Report

22 May 2014 at 12:05:32 PM

because apparently running for Ag commissioner in Texas means it's more important to be wedded to nutjobs like Ted Nugent, talking about guns and abortion than to .. uh... be familiar with the JOB YOU WANT. Makes me laugh. 

Farmers and ranchers in Texas are in trouble, according to the latest U.S. Census of Agriculture report, which is released every five years. Cropland and cattle herds are on the decline, and while the farmers and ranchers who tend them are rapidly aging, few are stepping into the fields behind them.

Nearly a month after the report's release, not one of the four candidates on the ballot to become the next state agriculture commissioner had read it. In the race, farming and ranching have often taken a back seat to other hot-button issues, like gun rights and pot legalization. 

Republican candidate Sid Miller, whose website says that he "earns his living from the land raising crops, cattle, horses, and trees," said he has been too busy campaigning to read the latest report about the state of agriculture in Texas.

“I have this project I’ve been busy working on for the last few months,” he joked, referring to the runoff election. The former state representative from Stephenville is facing off with former state Rep. Tommy Merritt, of Longview, in the Republican runoff Tuesday. Merritt said he hadn't seen the report, either.

Too busy showboating with Rick *Oops* Perry-How about sending up a signal to Sid? THERE'S A DROUGHT IN TEXAS.  


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