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Hospital District Dissolution Petition picking up steam

Somervell County Hospital District Dissolution Petition picking up steam again

26 February 2014 at 8:02:46 PM

It is time for an update! First, A short history for those who are not in the know and where to find the petition. As we move closer to election time and as the weather has started to warm up I am seeing an increase in petition activity. We are over 20% of required signatures and considering they were gathered in the coldest part of the year from the end of november until now, I think that is pretty good. Every single one that we have has a city in it, and that is the reason they gave for not calling for an election before even though the state supreme court ruled otherwise and the board doesn't need a petition to call an election (as confirmed by their own lawyer) but who wants to spend money to sue them to force the issue when we can just gather them up again? We have until mid-May to get it all done and no matter how many dog and pony shows the board wants to have to try to convice people otherwise (like they were doing when we crashed their show and turned in the petitions). We WILL get the signatures....just like we did once before!


On a future note, when the hospital district elections happen in the not too distant future, if you pick the right people (we will have a list of the right peope posted soon) to be on the board we won't need a petition to:

1. Eliminate the property tax
2. Cease operations in hood county since it doesn't benefit the taxpayers of the district, which is the purpose of creating a district to start with.
3. Close the 501(a) slush fund bank account that is used to fund Hood County!
4. Fire the high dollar Austin attorneys
5. Bring some serious oversight!! We've done it their way for over 15 years and we have a 14 million dollar debt because of it. It is time for a serious change in philosophy!




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