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EVERY Ad by a Texas Republican brings in Obama? When will Sid Miller denounce Ted Nugent?

22 February 2014 at 12:08:07 PM

Republican Theme ALWAYS- President Obama is the DEVIL, the Boogieman under the bed and always to be brought up to Boo-Scare people. This is really why a lot of people don't vote Republican, including me, because I don't want to be associated with racists and bigots. So why not only do Republicans ALWAYS bring up Obama in their campaign ads and WHY do they want to court people like Ted Nugent?

Thought it was an anomalie when I saw the first ad for somebody running for something when President Obama was brought up. But no, every single ad that a Republican is doing for office, whether national or state, is some fight not FOR something for AGAINST Obama. I even saw one, think it was the opponent for the guy running in Dallas, they showed that guy and Obama and tried to make the state Republican look liberal. Hah! Clearly the opponent doesn't know how to read or believes people are too stupid to look at a candidate's record, instead relying on a teeveee ad.

These people are not running against President Obama and I do believe they are bringing him up in every ad because he's black. One ad even shaded him so that he looked menacing.

I got an email the other day that was about Obama and muslims. It was so ridiculous that I actually felt myself rolling my eyes while reading. REad a good rebuttal of that crap here, watch out some foul language. One of the people that commented on that blog post said

We live in the age of information...never before in human history has so much information been so readily or quickly available to the mass public...the downside to this is, a fair percentage of the public are lazy, ignorant, careless, or just plain hateful (as the chain letter shows), so misinformation is frequently passed on without people doing the homework...that would take several hours and some... rather minimal...effort. Bravo to the author for taking the time to do the research that is available to everyone, but so few take advantage of!

And what of Sid Miller? Didn't hear a peep out of him regarding his campaign treasurer's comments the other day. Who's his treasurer? Oh, right, Ted Nugent, and Sid Miller APPROACHED Nugent ASKING him to join his campaign. Ugh.  We've wondered before why Miller wants a draft-dodging pedophine on his campaign, boggles the mind.So what did idiot Ted Nugent say? Nugent called President Obama (without mentioning his title) a "Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel"

First, I saw that Wolf Blitzer on CNN called him out for what are Nazi connotations.

But even since then Rick Perry, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul went after him.  Even Rick Perry, who isn't known for being smart, said "I've got a problem with someone calling the president a mongrel".  (Of course that was after he tried to blow off that horrible racist ranting by saying "That's just Ted". Right and decent people avoid people like Ted.)

Apparently Nugent appeared with wanna be Greg Abbott (vote for him at your own peril) and after some people realized that Ted Nugent makes Republicans looks like racist crazies, Nugent issues a sort of apology that really isn't one.

"I do apologize–not necessarily to the President–but on behalf of much better men than myself... using the street-fighter terminology of “subhuman mongrel” instead of just using more understandable language, such as, uh, “violator of his oath to the Constitution,” uh, “The liar that he is.”

Right, because saying "subhuman mongrel" is just not understandable to people. As the New Yorker says, what dictionary is Ted Nugent even USING?

Where is this mysterious dictionary, in which “subhuman mongrel”—a direct racist slur, calling the President and the nine million or so Americans who identify themselves as multiracial animals, with an etymology that includes citations involving the Ku Klux Klan, slaveholders, and Nazis—is “street-fighter terminology” for a liar or breaker of oaths? How is it “vernacular” for anything but the legalese of Jim Crow, Dred Scott, and the anti-miscegenation laws that coexisted, since the country’s earliest years, with unpunished sexual violence against black women in the South and then, even in the nineteen-sixties, forced couples like Richard and Mildred Loving to flee their homes?

If there is no Roget’s of racism handy, one could also try a reverse lookup: what does Nugent think the “elevated” way of putting what he said might be? One would like to know the fancy words that he would translate as “subhuman mongrel”—is that what comes to mind every time he hears the word “liar,” applied to anybody, or any President, of any race? What modifiers does he find helpful? When, on CNN, Wolf Blitzer asked Perry if he’d admit that the phrase was “pretty vile,” Perry acknowledged only “pretty tough words,” ones that he himself wouldn’t use, as if it were a matter of class, tone, and bluntness. Blitzer put in a bid for “disgusting”; Perry again said, “pretty tough,” then added, “Look, we agree that is not appropriate language to use about the President of the United States.” Would it be appropriate about a clerk at a corner store?

And you do get that this is NOT an apology. He didn't really apologize for saying it. He also didn't apologize to President Obama for calling him that, more that he was kowtowing to the Republicans nuts he wants to be in cahoots with. Don't believe it? Read this and pay attention to Nugent's twitter feed.

Where's Sid Miller's denunciation? No problem with a wanna-be Nazi? You have to wonder about the common sense of Sid Miller when he has a disgusting blowhard like this on his team.. that he courted.



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