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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for December 28 2013

28 December 2013 at 11:21:12 AM

Still having a lovely holiday, love this winter season when so many different traditions are being enjoyed and celebrated.  Best thing about this time of year is being able to get together with loved ones for meals, togetherness and binge teevee watching:). Saw 2 of the best movies in the last few days. One is "Ip man"-love the kung fu genre but especially loved how the movie didn't drag at all and it had heart. The second was "The Fall" which had the most amazing cinematography, wonderful cast, and Salvador Dali like pictures. I definitely plan to watch The Fall again, it is NOT a children's movie, although a child could watch it. Reminded me of the feelings I had watching Pan's Labyrinth.

OLD maps of the United States!

Republicans canning unemployment benefits- how many will lose them in Somervell County? 16.

Reminder that tort reform in Texas did not reduce health care costs.

TSA has a kids website

That hilarious McDonald's employee site that offered advice like how unhealthy fast food is, HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN

Laugh O day- John Cornyn ad - WWJD

What Duck Dynasty says about America. (I don't watch it, never have and never will, but couldn't escape all the yahoos screaming about it as the Nine Day Wonder) This is Cult of Dusty and includes some cussin' -you've been warned.

Marriage equality wins pile up

Rick Perry is God's Own Governor

Never one to learn from his mistakes, it almost appeared as if the tone-deaf Perry was using the tragedy of the West explosion as an incentive to lure regulation-averse businesses to his state.

We already knew that Perry is a big fan of the death penalty. But it was his refusal to expand Medicaid—in a state with the nation’s highest uninsured population—that gave the ultimate lie to his “Christian” pro-life image. Not expanding Medicaid will kill people. Up to 27,000 nationally. And with more than 20% of those affected living in Texas, Rick Perry will be personally responsible for more than 5,400 unnecessary deaths.

If you got upset when 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi, you can now thank Rick Perry for a death toll equivalent to more than 25 Benghazis a week right here in Texas.

here are some FANTASTIC ideas for organizing in the new year, starting with LABEL EVERYTHING

The next level of moneyballing

Can you draw a good pic of yourself without looking at the paper?

Algea to crude oil!

Kidd Kraddick had cancer

Basket cases- Moses, Sargon, and Karna

Saw this about Sid Miller from last year made me laugh


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