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6 Ways Somervell County Screwed Over the Little Guy in 2013

27 December 2013 at 2:52:47 PM

1. Getting rid of long time employee Jesse Schoessow without cause while buying out Cunningham's contract and paying him as employee (and attempting till called on it to give themselves nice raises) - Somervell County Commissioners Court

2. Passing the Somervell County hospital district which will cause taxes to continue to rise while being run by the unelected.-Somervell County Hospital District

3. Paying tax money for Pecan Family Medical clinic in private gated community Pecan Plantation despite Hood County having its own hospital district. You cannot use it unless you already live in Pecan Plantation. Remember that ELECTED county attorney Andy Lucas decided not to ask for an AG opinion on whether that practice is legal or not, and otherwise, who has deep pockets to file a lawsuit? Meanwhile, be sure and wave at the golf course community from in front of the gates.-Somervell County Hospital District

4. Somervell County commissioners court run by the whim of Mike Ford, who decided that he is the only one who gets a bully pulpit.-Somervell County Commissioners Court

5 Deciding not to prosecute an embezzler while previously going after some teenagers-Somervell County court system

6. Allowing your tax money to go to a slush fund without accountability. Somervell County Hospital District


#1 way Somervell County taxpayers screwed themselves. By not getting out to vote when the election to create a hospital district was created.and second, not making sure there was no loophole for the attorneys (who aren't working for you and me) to reject the petition to dissolve the hospital district on its first round. But this can be fixed.


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1 - thatsrightjack   23 Jan 2014 @ 4:33:10 PM 

The taxpayers of Somervell county should be aware that approx. $270,000 in salaries+ and the benifits that are being paid on these salaries could be eliminated from the county budget !!!!!

1.  Commissioners should be put in offices other than sit in the annex all day.  One  or two of them could go to the road barn to over see the operations there.  This would eliminate the salary of the director there, which is an unnecessary job.

2.  One of them could be at the Expo center to over see the operations at that location and eliminate the director there.

3. One could go to the golf course to over see the opertions at the maintenance shop and the pro shop with would eliminate 2 postions there.  There are two assistant superintendents that have the same degree that the superintent does and the assistants work the weekends!  The pro shop has an assitant there that has been running the day to day operations for several years.

4.  The county could hire a college graduate with a degree in marketing to promote Golf course, Expo, and Amphitheater!   

The voting citizens of Somervell County need to wake up!  VOTE  Get this "Good Ole Boy" actions out of this county!!!!!!!!!!

2 - salon   9 Feb 2014 @ 11:09:11 AM 

Took me awhile to read this have been hugely busy, you gave me a laugh. LOVE the idea that the commissioners could be doing something else as well to earn their salary.

I actually liked the idea of having a private contractor run the Expo Center, just had an issue with their being no floor for bringing in money if the county was going to subsidize it with tax money.

Yes on the pro shop!

Is there still a promotional person that does PR for the county? Who is that person?

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019

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