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The Lunatics are trying to get rid of Social Security and Unemployment Benefits AGAIN!

18 December 2013 at 3:31:09 PM

The loonies are on the march again trying to eliminate Social Security and Unemployment Benefits.

They call them "entitlements" but they are NOT "entitlements."

Even the "brains" in Washington D.C. refer to these 2 programs as "entitlements" as though people are taking money away from government and are expecting government to pay their way in life.  Such idiots don't have a clue what Social Security and Unemployment Benefits are. 

Unemployment is an insurance program. Social Security is an insurance program.

You pay "premiums" into the plans and then when you don't have work you can take some of the money you paid into the plans during your entire working life. It is NOT an entitlement. It is insurance that you file a claim for, just like any other insurance.

If you want to get rid of Social Security and Unemployment Insurance then also get rid of auto, home and life insurance because they all are exactly the same thing.

And just like Flood Insurance, Social Security and Unemployment Insurance are only provided by the U.S. Government.

Contact your Senators and House Representatives and explain it to them and why we always will need to maintain Social Security and Unemployment Benefits.



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1 - salon   19 Dec 2013 @ 11:45:50 AM 

From counterpunch

Then there’s the matter of ‘entitlements’ spending—i.e. social security and medicare. The official ‘spin’ of the current budget deal is that entitlements are not being touched and aren’t part of the deal. Republicans and the Teaparty faction have not demanded additional entitlement cuts in the current deal. That does not mean social security and medicare won’t be cut in 2014, however.

Obama’s 2014 budget calls for no less than $620 billion in social security and medicare cuts over the coming decade. Apparently Republicans and Teapartyers considered that sufficient for a ‘first bite of the apple’. But they’ll be back for more in the final stage of the grand bargain by increments. Entitlement cuts will not be addressed during an election year of 2014. That comes later, and after corporate tax cuts in 2014—which both Obama and the Republicans have been both on record proposing for some time.

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2 - pstern   19 Dec 2013 @ 11:50:43 PM 

Yes, it seems that Democrats have switched sides with Republicans in trying to cut and maybe eventually eliminate Social Security.  Republicans still want to privatize it.


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3 - salon   20 Dec 2013 @ 10:21:31 AM 

Um. No. Haven't switched sides. The Republican Party is still the party that wants to gut social security as an *entitlement*.  Better be stinking rich if you vote Republican

The Democrats will proudly wear that label, at least when it comes to Social Security. Yes, the most progressive members of the party had sworn not to support a “grand bargain” or sequestration fix that cut Social Security. They’ll tell you they were proven right.

“The people that say ‘we need to deal with entitlements’ are the ones who want to cut Social Security,” said Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat who’s been arguing that Social Security needs to be expanded. “I just think there’s no appetite to do that on the Democratic side. Fundamentally, the debate should be on retirement security, not on how we use retirement security to deal with budget issues. I know Social Security can be fixed long term, pretty easily, because we can predict the costs. A lot of Democrats are now understanding that we should have a debate about Social Security, not the budget. If the debate’s about Social Security, we win.”

According to this Pew poll, not wanting to cut what is an (baloney term) entitlement cuts across party lines.

Saw an interesting take on *entitlements*-better to call them "federal retirement benefits".

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4 - pstern   22 Dec 2013 @ 11:49:06 AM 

What I meant is that at one time the Democrats refused to consider any cuts or changes to the SS system.  Now they put it on the menu to get the Republicans to sit down for discussions on the program.  No one knows what will happen to SS.

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