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Quick Muse O Day-Should Judge Mike Ford politic on an issue he may be called upon to vote about?

5 December 2013 at 1:11:27 PM

Recently we heard, and have an audio recording of, that Mike Ford said that he was going to push his own agenda about whether to dissolve the hospital district or not. (look on that link for Bully Pulpit)  We wondered at that time why someone in position of judge, who presumably might be a tie voter on the Somervell County Commissioners Court, and whose office sits in the same hallway as early voting for Somervell County, would think it was ethical to do this. (He does not work FOR the Somervell County Hospital District, does he? No? But there are some that believe he is feathering his nest to work at GRMC when he (thankfully) stops being judge. Apparently he's decided that his Weighty Opinion on the petition needs to be expressed and did so recently in another public venue. He's not one who has ever let the impropriety of legality of certain decisions (14.4 million certificate of obligation)  stand in his way, and now he can add more ethical chipping at his judicial reputation to that.


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1 - antitaxbrigade   5 Dec 2013 @ 6:17:00 PM 

I am sure all his friends from church are so proud of him , on the other hand he makes me sick.

SHAME ON THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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