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On Glen Rose Medical Center Pouring Money Into Hood County*s Pecan Plantation -Part 1

27 July 2013 at 10:59:46 AM

Let's start with the premise that we fully believe here that one legally defined district cannot spend money in another legally defined district, even through a backdoor. We also believe that it may be 1 that even a hospital authority board cannot spend money outside the county. Both these premises, barring Somervell County Hospital District doing the right thing, would probably have to be challenged via lawsuit, but we believe that lawsuit would prevail and that taxpayer money going to Pecan Family Medical Center and associated doctors working there would have to cease. This first part is going to discuss the previous Somervell County Hospital Authority, the name the lease with Pecan Family Medical Center is under, and the legal definition of a county hospital authority.

Breaking it down:

The following information came from an open records request I did on 5/13/203 to Sharla Collins. I went down to GRMC and inspected these records in person in Ray Reynolds office.

I request to be able to examine in person the following records at an expedient and convenient time and date. If these records exist on a website, I am satisfied with that providing the link to each of these items is specifically returned.

  1. All payments made for the leased property for Pecan Family Medical Center by GRMC/SCHA for the years 2010-current date (May 13, 2013). This to include not only space leased by GRMC/SCHA for doctor visits but also for xray and lab equipment.

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