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Does Running for a Board Require that a Person be an Expert First? (Democracy in Somervell County)

26 July 2013 at 3:33:50 PM

Suppose you decided to run for school board tomorrow and the only qualifications you had for the position were that you have a child in school. Should the fact that you may not know about all the issues you might be called upon to vote over,after deliberation, prevent you from running at all? My personal belief is that if someone is grossly disqualified, he or she will not be voted in. The election process is messy and yes, sometimes it fails, but it's the way Americans bring in people to be board members. Better, because the person is elected, that makes that person, especially when he or she deals with money, even more accountable to citizens than someone who is appointed to a board. In our county, for example, the people who were appointed to the Somervell County Hospital Authority Board were only there because the elected people put them on, and those same elected people (the ones we VOTED in) could remove them right away. Those appointees also did not have full power to spend money but had to come back to the county past certain caps.

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