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Mismanagement and Cover Up?

About that Embezzlement Issue with Glen Rose Medical Center

22 July 2013 at 5:27:08 PM

One of our regular, resourceful readers found some information about the embezzling of funds from Glen Rose Medical Center about a year ago, as written up in the Glen Rose Reporter. It's of interest to note that the case was handed over to the District Attorney apparently about a year ago and is still on his desk.

UPDATE: Here is link to the document regarding the embezzlement.

From June 22 2012 agenda notice.

Agenda Requests

1.      County Judge: Presentation About Potential Hospital District.

2.      Auditor: Move $2000 from Elections Judges to Part Time $1500 & Premium Pay $500

Transfer from account 421-106 (Vot Reg Election Personnel) in the amount of $2,000.00; and Transfer to account 421-105 (Vot Reg Part Time) in the amount of $1,500.00; and Transfer to account 421-140 (Vot Reg Premium Pay) in the amount of $500.00 for runoff election costs

3.      County Judge: Consultation with Attorney.  After Having Convened in Open Session, the Commissioners Court Will Retire into Executive Session, Pursuant to the Provisions of Section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code in Order to Consult with the Court's Attorney Concerning Pending Litigation or a Settlement Offer.

4.      County Judge: Take Action on Item or Items Discussed in Executive Session.

From the Glen Rose Reporter June 27 2012

Doctors make case for hospital district

Citizens tell commissioners they don’t want more taxes

July 5, 2012- Glen Rose Reporter-

Glen Rose Medical Center physicians on Friday urged a joint meeting of the Somervell County Commissioners and the Hospital Authority Board to consider creating a hospital district.

But several concerned citizens who spoke during the public comment period said they opposed such a move because it could raise taxes.

Jerry Lee was the first speaker

He went on to say that County Judge Mike Ford attended a recent special executive session of the county Hospital Authority Board to discuss the misappropriation or theft of tax dollars by a top department head of the hospital and made an accusation of a "cover-up."

Law enforcement authorities confirmed that an investigation into possible wrongdoing and misappropriation of public money by an employee of GRMC is ongoing and has been turned over to the Texas Rangers. After that's completed, the Rangers would turn over the case to District Attorney Dale Hanna for possible prosecution....

As Lee continued to speak, Shaw told him that his time was up. Lee continued to talk.

"We're going to take a recess and call the sheriff," Shaw told Lee, who turned the microphone over to others who wanted to speak.

Here's audio of that. This audio is comprised of a section at the beginning and one at the end of the June 22 meeting.

Let's go through this. You remember how about that time there were some kids that skipped school and broke into someone's houses? I wasn't paying much attention then so went back to read the article in the Glen Rose Reporter from April time frame 2012. One of the houses that was broken into was in the Oaks, which happens to be the subdivision that at least 2 of the Somervell County hospital board members live. Jerry Lee "You, Larry, you go from one end of this community to hang 2 young high school kids from the highest tree they can find because they made some very bad decisions "  Jerry Lee commented that the board members had discussed misappropriation of funds by a top department hospital (ie, a crime) and that he was "not interested in the crime, I'm interested in the coverup. I guess you could have took the position that it was a personnell matter. That position is laughable on its face.If you want to try and apply that, that would mean we could never talk about any crime involving tax dollars because every one I ever know about involved people.... Why would the hospital authority do that? Why would they pay a department head accrued vacation,  $20,000 or something paid time off and let her retire with full benefits?  ... I don't know that that's all the truth because it was done behind closed doors, but I certainly heard it firsthand.... Are they soft on crime? I don't think so. Do they not know the open meetings laws?  I certainly know better than that. Could it be that a 25 year employee knows where every bone is buried?".

"Now, you run a hospital over in Pecan Plant... you run a clinic in Pecan Plantation. . I want an Attorney General's opinion.. when it happened it was a county, it now is an authority, ... Attorney General's opinion, is that legal? (Shaw: Your time has expired). "

Larry shaw then, returned to this subject, and said Mr Lee had either been misinformed or he misunderstood "It has been referred to the DA and the sheriff's department and the matter will be dealt with appropriately. . ..the other question was about how I deal with the criminal activities in my neighborhood, you betcha I was opposed to anyone breaking in or knocking doors down, but I don't know what that has to do with this hospital business". Jerry- "the point being when crime falls on your doorstep you want to handle it and softball it and let it go away"... then Larry Shaw cut him off.

Again, it's been over a year. That case is STILL sitting on the DA's desk in Johnson County. Hasn't been closed out, and in fact, the person who embezzled the money was apparently grilled by the Texas Rangers. Why should it be more important to go after some high schoolers than publicly talk about the money that went missing? That really should not inspire confidence in either the board running the hospital (which was appoinrted by the county commissioners and not elected and are STILL not elected people even though a district has been passed) nor the employees at the top.

P.S. This is isn't the first time Glen Rose Medical Center has been questioned about funds


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