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How Much from Taxes DOES Somervell County Pay out for Pecan Family Medical Center in Hood County?

13 May 2013 at 4:30:51 PM

As we've said before, when GRMC was a private hospital expending their own money, what they did with funding and supporting a clinic in another county was their own business. Once GRMC became part of being governed again by the Somervell County Hospital Authority, it became ours as the taxpayer. I've been curious for quite a while about what kind of money has been spent by GRMC at an out of county (Hood) facility. Pecan Family Medical Center, according to their website, offers clinic services, provides doctors, physician assistants, nurses, xray and diagnostic equipment for the benefit of these people in Hood County FROM Glen Rose Medical Center. We already know that Somervell County taxpayers subsidize the salaries of the doctors.

At what point was there public comment and discussion about whether Somervell County taxpayers WANT to pay for these services for what is reportedly a well-to-do community? Hood County residents are not paying taxes for this, and that includes Pecan Plantation and DeCordova residents. Yes, Pecan Plantation is a cash cow that funds a significant part of the GRMC hospital, but that does not address the question about whether it is appropriate to have taxpayers paying to milk that cow. Somervell County residents may or may not mind paying taxes to get PP money, but the issue is that this has not been discussed and decided, but rather decided FOR us by GRMC continuing to operate the way they did when private. We believe that the county commissioners need to bring this up as an item for discussion, perhaps as a public hearing.

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