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Settlement Reached in Medina Valley ISD Prayer-At-Graduation Case (Feb 2012)

20 March 2012 at 2:15:17 PM

Recap: Medina Valley ISD put a place for a benediction and invocation on their high school graduation ceremony. They were sued by a local family who wanted school prayer off the program. Medina Valley ISD removed the words "invocation" and "benediction from the commencement program, after a ruling from US District Judge Fred Biery ruled against them. Judge Biery also said at the time that students could not enjoin others to pray but could reference God in their remarks. But the valedictorian was upset because she had wanted to lead the crowd in a christian prayer. That's where Greg Abbott got in on the act and filed an appeal to overturn Biery The Appeals Court on June 3 of last year overturned Biery's ruling. Why? Because they agreed with school sponsored prayer? No.

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