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Prayer at Public School Graduation- The Medina Valley HS Case Scheduled for Jan 30 2012

20 March 2012 at 2:11:33 PM

Should a high school either have school sponsored prayer or allow a student to direct other students to pray in a partisan fashion at a high school graduation ceremony? Back in June, Medina Valley High School was embroiled in a lawsuit regarding, first, their use of a program that called for an invocation and benediction at graduation ceremonies, and secondly, allowing the valedictorian to lead the audience in a partisan prayer. Originally, the judge in the case issued an injunction against the school, and then the decision was appealed. School led prayer was not okay, but the valedictorian led the crowd in a christian prayer. I wondered at the time whether this decision would stand or simply die away. This was right before Governor Rick Perry's The Response initiative that used government resources to push a partisan christians-only event. The lawsuit is going to be heard on Jan 30 2012. Here's what we wrote about this before.

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