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Rick Perry's Prayer Party The Response-No Governors Want to Attend -Roundup

3 August 2011 at 11:00:04 AM

Roundup of articles as the attention turns to Governor Rick Perry of Texas flakey attempts to subvert Separation of Church and State. The issue has NEVER been whether he, as a private citizen, can go to a church or even to pray, it's that he is using his position as GOVERNOR to push a particular religion to the exclusion of others. And it's not even a christian event for ALL christians, but only some.  (Can you say BIGOT???) As we've said before, what if he was a Muslim or some other religion doing this? People would throw a fit and rightly so because people in public office are not supposed to use their official office to push religion. Otherwise instead of the establishment clause, we'd have something that clearly says the United States is a theocracy. we are NOT, despite flaky Rick Perry's best efforts to create one. Don't think that Rick Perry is doing this as Governor? Read what The Response is sending out in its info packet. -notice that they are sending out that packet ON BEHALF of the GOVERNOR. Not Rick Perry as a private citizen. GOVERNOR.

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