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A Few Pictures from the Glen Rose Moonshine Festival Today (Oct 2 2010)

2 October 2010 at 8:05:27 PM

Really a nice turnout - kudos to the Chamber of Commerce! I think it was a good mix of people from the Bluegrass Festival at Oakdale Park, Paluxy Pedal bicyclers, trade days downtown and moonshine festival. Such a pretty day, too!

You know who I saw at the moonshine table? Gary from the post office and his wife Sheila. Wow, he is looking good and very happy being retired, has a nice boat! although Sheila said that while he doesn't miss work, he misses all his old friends and customers. We miss you, too, Gary!

Darrell Best was dressed in the perfect attire for moonshine!

I took a pic of the Summers but unfortunately it didn't turn out well. Dang! Alan was dressed up in a crisp white shirt!  What I did was put it into photoshop and try to *art* it up with some poster touches.

People were lining up to get some free moonshine samples from a distributor in Waco.

Robin and Terry Gosdin were doing a brisk business selling peas, and getting MORE money by shelling them.

One of the vendors at the historic farmer's market on the square brought moonshine syrup! :)


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