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Budgeted Profit and Loss

2011 Budget for 501a Corporation Associated with Glen Rose Medical Center

14 September 2010 at 6:57:55 PM

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Background on the 501a

Incidentally, this came back as a response to a request from me which Ann Best answered via email

I would like an electronic copy of the budget for the 501a corporation (doctors)  to be sent back via email. I would also like to know which account the requests to cover operating expenses get put under in the GRMC and/or GRNH budget. That is, when the 501a doctors do their OSAs, where does that show up in the 2011 budget, under what account and category?

Thank you

Ann Best replied, with the attachment spreadsheet which I have posted, on 9/13/2010

Mrs. ******

Per your request please see the attached 501A Budget and statement below from Mr. Reynolds, CFO:

Since the transfer of cash is a Balance Sheet item rather than an Income Statement item there is no line in the Operating Budget that identifies potential transfers of cash from the Hospital Operating Account to the 501(a) Operating Account.

Ray Reynolds

Chief Financial Officer

Thank you, 

Ann Best

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