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National Day of Christian Prayer

As Long As You're OUR Brand of Christian-National Prayer Day for Bigots

24 April 2010 at 10:31:23 AM

Yes, I'm on a roll about National Prayer Day. I am GLAD that a court found it unconstitutional. It has zero secular purpose, is certainly not a national day for everyone since it's origins are for those of the Christian faith (and not ALL Christian faiths but only those that meet a religious test), and excludes people of other faiths or no religion at all. I believe that having a proclamation about it by Obama shows that he is not mindful of the constitution, and it's shameful that his justice department is not only contesting this ruling but seeks to have the Freedom From Religion Foundation removed as a party. As I and many people have said before, nothing prevents anyone from praying. Nothing prevents any group from having their own national prayer day for whatever their particular flavor of religion is, but having the government sanction it is the wrong thing to do.

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