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Ruminations OF the Easily Amused for March 1 2010

1 March 2010 at 12:10:23 PM

Olympics are over. It was pretty good this year. One thing I wonder about-when exactly did the Olympics decide to be pro rather than amateur? I vaguely remember Magic Johnson playing basketball at the Olympics. I was reminded about it again in the hockey game when one of the announcers talked about how the US quit playing hockey because the Russian team was pro. Didn't the Olympics committee have rules? I did enjoy the hockey game but couldn't really root for US versus Canada because 1. they're all or mostly professionals. 2. There are plenty of Canadian players on US hockey teams, including the Stars. Anyway, the Canadians played well, as did the US. Was it the Best Game Ever? I don't know, but it was pretty dang great. (The US goalie who said it was Just Another Game sounded a bit sour-graphish-and what was up with the announcer towards the beginning trying to explain why hockey was like football! !!!!    !!!!! heh )

Interesting article about sperm banks and how DNA is killing anonymity.

What happened to the Bush era emails about torture?

Jim Bunning is an a**.

Tiger Woods wife doesn't want to go back home with him. Ew. Neither would I. And Gatorade has now dropped him.

I didn't know Marcia and Jan were feuding.

Underwater church

14 funniest police composite sketches

Avatar tat

Because you Love Your Cat

What? There were kids that wanted to avoid driver's ed?

Minorities role in settling the West.  This sounds so interesting. Wish I lived closer to Grapevine.

Atheists groups at White House causing a tizzy with right-wingers

Ethics in Congress? Nope. Why They ARe Different Than the People They Represent (unless those people are rich and privileged)

Sigh. From bad to worse.

There was an earthquake in Oklahoma!

Jeff Skilling of Enron on appeal to SCOTU

Crazy baby preachers in video

This made me laugh about Tennessee Students not taking as many AP courses... from an AP article about a poll put out by outfit that CHARGES FOR AP tests. heh.

Arresting a child for doodling on her desk.

More on the divide behind private and public lives in school.

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