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So.. Does Glen Rose ISD Need a New Gymnasium? Weigh in...

24 February 2010 at 1:42:22 PM

I didn't attend the school board meeting the other night and am waiting to hear the audio from where Doug Mc posts it, so I don't know exactly what was said. However, from the GRISD school board site, there are some materials regarding the bond election which would be held that would finance, at taxpayer expense of course (although Rotan says this would not raise taxes-why is that?) another gym, plus a mlilion dollars worth of more technology.  Here's the link to the proposal

Proposed New Arena - 16 million 516 thousand.

Converting existing gym into a band hall- 1 million 250 thousand

Ag building addition- 830,000

District technology upgrades - 1 million dollars

Here's the summary of the proposal

Glen Rose Independent School District
Board Agenda Item Synopsis
Consider order to call for a bond election and all matters incidental or related thereto
Background Information:
Long range facilities’ planning indicates Glen Rose ISD has a sufficient amount of classrooms available to accommodate student growth for the
next 10 years. While sufficient classroom space is in place, the current competition gymnasium was built in 1982 and has a seating capacity of
825. Since 1982, High School enrollment has nearly tripled and the current gymnasium lacks seating capacity and dressing facilities. The
current band hall was designed for a 60-65 student band and the Tiger Pride Band currently has 110 members. There is a waiting list for
students to raise animals at the Ag. Barn and keeping technology current is an ongoing process.
Administrative Consideration:
The proposed bond election is not expected to increase the tax rate over the fifteen year payout. There is no recapture (Robin Hood)
associated with bond revenues, so 100% of the proceeds remain in Glen Rose. Glen Rose ISD is prepared to utilize current fund balance to
keep the I & S rate at its current level, if needed. The proposed projects would be completed over the next 2.5 years.
Budgetary Impact:
There is no tax rate increase expected over the fifteen year payout.
Administration recommends approval of an order to call for a bond election and all matters incidental or related thereto.
Submitted by: G. Wayne Rotan, Superintendent
Meeting Date: February 22, 2010

Can GRISD guarantee that taxes will not be raised during this 15 year period?

Would like to hear pros and cons of this.

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