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Audio-Somervell County Hospital Authority Board Feb 11 2010

15 February 2010 at 4:27:43 PM

Courtesy Jodi Leigh

Rough Transcript here-if you have a question about something, you can listen for yourself.

MP3 of this next section(chunked the meeting)

Financial committee-emphasis on receivables. REquest for a 3 month audit and a 12 month audit. Operations and the financials. Committee recommends that we include the audit proposal. utilize the UPL (upper payment level). Review all bad debts specific for nursing home. Feb 23 (Tues) next meeting).  Staff moving forward with RFPs for audit, identified some audit firms, RFPS to go out on Monday. How many firms?  Reason for not also looking at the hospital debts, too? Because a request.  Maynard-would like to know about transfer of contracts. EMS spending 600,000 a year on, would be nice to do transfer.

Public relations Angie. Feb 4. Narrowed down focus areas to 4. 1. Pecan Plantation. Sharon Boone has worked with focus groups there before, wants to do it again. Open house with doctors and their staff, all staff be there to interact with the community. Waited till Dr Peters on board Aug 1? Focus groups before then. Construction in Pecan done before then. 2. Town Hall meeting. Open meeting for Somervell citizens. Location Expo? May have to pay fee, good parking, accessible. Citizen friendly, one of the best places in town for that. Last week in March. Weeknight would be best, weekends pretty busy. Have not contacted the expo to see when available. 3. How to communicate with citizens of Somervell County. Newspapers Glen Rose Reporter has circulation of 3000. Glen Rose Newspaper has circulation of 750. (Paid subscriptions). Doesn't come close to how many people in our country. Possible postcard mailing. Felt like it needed to be included in newspaper as general PR thing. 4. Public awareness with the community. Newspaper ad with picture of board. So that they can have a face of people they can go to, yes, we're opening ourselves up but we took on that position knowing that we were. Update presentations to county, city and school board. Not requested but we feel like if we attend a city, etc to say this is what we're doing. Gives the impression we are wanting people to know there are things going on and it's our information going out not a newspaper reporter's information. aware that there's a twcie monthly meeting that isn't necessarily political? Pretty good crowd-Somervell Glen Rose Network, we get together and talk about things (Maynard). Biggest issue we worked on recently was putting in welcome signs.  When meet? 1st Tuesday at 6:00 at the Holiday Inn, and 3rd Tuesday at 9 am at Holiday Inn. Larry - Great to have presence there but we can't have too much presence at any one meeting. Can't have too much presence, remember open meetings act? Rotation to make don't get over that 3 number.  School board, awareness iwth the school system, ie the new rehab. Also a formation of Pink Lady volunteers. Have a lot of retired females could be males also. Interaction with schools via field trips to the hospital, start them young feeling famliar with the facility. Mail 5000 postcards. Cost of printing 4x6.5 gloss front matte back 175 postage with first class permit , total around 1575.00 if include a newspaper ad with pic announcing town hall meeting.  Larry-Any thought for us having open house when new construction done? Mo said that would be done. March 8, following week state inspection, maybe around March 12. Something formal? No, walk through new area. Spring break is Monday, March 15. .... Talking about not doing spring break anyway, don't even know that that's available. Not a suitable date for us to be prepared before end of March. ... Better to wait till new wing finished. Generate more questions. On the town hall meeting we discussed in great detail the format for that, we don't feel there' any way the 7 of us can be up there and answer questions. But we want them to feel and we want to give feedback, so some type of method for them to ask the question and we will get name and telephone number and contact them later because there's no feasible way we can anticipate every type of question that will come up, but perception is everything. We want to know what they think, want to provide information, feel that's the way to do so. Hence the wordings on the postcard, because we want to get th emessage to the citizens that we want to hear what they have to say. Try to need to publish something to help us get the answers not only to the persons that ask the questions but to everyone-we can prepare a news release. Some people are too timid to ask the question but delighted that somebody else asked the question for them. 3 areas of interest/concern/Financial, the physical plant and the medical-physician side. Not just one person answering questions that are asked, all 7 of us there, would have interaction where we can. Would be controlled type thing meaning someone has to stay on top of it, can just be random. We can't address them all, will be a lot of work for us all. Several meetings with NRC (Somervell) Maynard-you need to be on a short riser see the people at the back, don't be too high. Audience may have to be set up something similar with microphone. PR issue. Newspaper fix about missing million dollars-Erin put that information out there wrong. She put it out that there's a missing million dollars. Last week in March or first week in April, right? Maybe at the technology center? Not a Friday.

MP3 for next section. (again, chunked.)

Future Alternatives. Met with Cindy Matthews and Michael Bowers with Community Hospital Corp. Founded in 96 primary mission is NFP. Consulting services. They will have proposal, don't wait. -stakeholders in hospital.

42nd day, have 3 committees, does demonstrate that we're not sitting on our laurels.

Gary prepare an FYI status report. Enable everyone on the baord to have the information, hopefully factually correct, copies to Walter and Dwayne. Addresses our most recent letter to the editor, got it in advance. Some of it is personal opinion. Factual update on what's going on. County attorney has drafted some information in response to queries about history of Glen Rose Medical Center. Knowledge is not out there about the history of the facility. When we have our town hall, we may want to have that available. Sheds a whole new light. Expecting the 7 of us to know everything that has gone on or goes on, tried to explain the learning curve, can't sit and tell them how much money is in this account, a very skewed idea of how simple this operation is. We can't be experts, we can make policy decisions.

Gary Marks on credentialing-Mo Sheldon.


MP3 on - Joint commission, survey, National Standards. All CMS measures, etc are public. Standard of care out there on the internet. Can put on our website? Yes. Quality reports on website, very narrative to explain.  Doctor from Baylor. Next meeting two weeks from today. Executive session.

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