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2010 Census Survey: Accurate or Riddled with Bigotry and Privacy Issues?

5 February 2010 at 1:26:32 PM

Real Need or Imagined?  Accurate or Riddled With Bigotry and Privacy Issues?
by Peter Stern
Every 10 years we are told by our leadership that the census survey is on the way and that we must fill it out and return it post haste because it will improve government spending on various programs.  The 2010 Census Survey will be sent out to Americans in March.
But, do these census surveys actually do what they are supposed to?  Are they truly needed by our government to improve services and curb needless or wasteful expenditures?
In reality, survey questions seem intrusive, discriminatory and in reality may do little for the proposed/supposed reasons they were created. Bottom-line, census surveys have privacy issues.

If REAL census surveys actually are required, the current ones should be revised and updated to reflect REAL needs by government for more honest determination of projected programs and other miscellaneous issues.
Make your own determination.  To review the survey questions and other survey information online, go to:

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