Walkthrough at Oakdale Park by Glen Rose City Council and Interested Parties-January 2 2009Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

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Walkthrough at Oakdale Park by Glen Rose City Council and Interested Parties-January 2 2009

4 January 2010 at 10:42:49 AM

Went out on Saturday to see what Oakdale Park looks like and shot quite a bit of video. Most of it not going to post because I think it will be far more interesting and useful to do some before and after shots after the work gets done fixing up the park. That was the first time ever I've been in the entire park and I found it quite beautiful. Oakdale has a swimming pool which is going to be refurbished, with some rock or concrete extending out from the edges and some shades for patrons to get out of the heat. There are also a lot of cabins, some of which are petrified wood or rock cabins, for people to stay in. I"m a little funny on exactly how the park will be designed, including the land that the Prkryl's sold to the city from next door, but basically, there are items that need to be fixed, refurbished, including the electric and water/shower/etc facilities, and to include some new cabins. I noticed that, while there was some discussion about tearing down one petrified wood cabin at the start of the meeting, by the end the decision was made to preserve it.

I'm so glad the city purchased this. The idea of being able to have a great park to hang out in, hold events, concerts, etc is a terrific idea. There's a detinite struggle between wanting to preserve as much of the original flavor of the park versus needing to update (including widening out lanes for large RVs) and clean up some areas.

Here's audio of part 1 of the meeting, which was held in a conference hall on the premises (about an hour). And here's audio of the meeting held in the snack bar/office AFTER the walkthrough. MP3 files, so right click to download to your computer to listen. As I get time over the next few days will also clip a few video pieces.

Here's some pics from the walkthrough.

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1 - humanbeing   4 Jan 2010 @ 6:29:32 PM 

Wouldn't it have been nice if the city crew had been working under the strict direction of a landscape architect and tree specialist? Wouldn't it have been nice for the city to have consulted with their neighbors before such drastic alteration of the trees around the perimeter? And wouldn't it be nice if the city government recognized that they do not have the expertise to renovate their new property properly (why is Mr. Huckabee, Director of the Expo Center and Tourism, deciding which historic buildings show be demolished?) Wouldn't it be nice if the city assembled a team of experts to draw up the plan? Wouldn't it be nice if the city even had a plan? And wouldn't it be nice if the city placed the preservation of the historical value and character of their new property as a priority and honored that instead of just giving lip-service to this? Oakdale is eligible for an historic marker which would bring more promotion and money. But I havn't detected any interest from them in this.

If the city does not immediately assemble an expert team that includes an architect, landscape architect, historian, designer and Mr. Huckabee, they will destroy the heart and soul of Oakdale Park, they will make many mistakes and waste a lot of money. The property will turn into something, of course, but it won't be Oakdale Park.

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