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Have You Watched the 3-D Movies? Did They Give you a Headache?

30 December 2009 at 1:18:57 PM

I've been reading about how the next big thingis going to be 3D televisions and 3d television stations (probably on satellite and cable to begin with), thus making anyone who just bought an HD television part of OLD technology and meaning that anyone who watches FREE television will be behind the curve. But I've also read some reviews of the movie Avatar in which the people said they got a headahce and felt sick after watching the movie, due to the way the background renders compared to the foreground. (( should say, SOME people-I'm sure there are plenty who dont' get sick from 3d).

Just wondering, though. I assume prices on regular HD will go down in February or March, when the new models come out, including 3D. And I also assume you MUST wear glasses when watching it. What will you do?

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