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You Can't Use the Bible as a Textbook -Iowa Charter School May be Closed for Flouting the Law

23 November 2009 at 9:49:58 AM

You know, if they really want to do this, why don't they quit taking taxpayer money and operate a religious school. Nothing stops them from doing that.

The Idaho Attorney General's office has told Nampa Classical Academy officials the state won't back down from pursuing information about the charter school's possible use of the Bible and other religious texts.


The academy is defying an order from the Idaho Public Charter School Commission to turn over the data. An Arizona-based religious liberty group that is defending the school threatened in a Wednesday letter to sue the commission if it continues to seek the information.

The Alliance Defense Fund said the school doesn't have to hand over anything because of a federal lawsuit it filed in September against the state concerning the school's plan to use the Bible.


"Filing suit in federal court is not a 'Get Out [of] Jail Free' card that exempts NCA from oversight for expenditure of tax dollars and from conducting its educational mission in accordance with state law," Gilmore wrote in the e-mail, which was obtained by The Idaho Press-Tribune .

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