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To Work at Happy Hill (Granbury) You Must First Pass a Religious Test

13 August 2009 at 3:52:35 PM

Somebody told me about the employment application that anyone who wants to work at Happy Hill has to fill out. Usual stuff about employment, etc but additionally there's a number of pages with a statement of belief that the wanna be employee must sign that he or she agrees with OR put in some reasons why he or she doesn't .. in case.  PDF of part of the application. Now, Happy Hill is a private academy and takes no government funding, only private donations, so they can require whatever they want from their employees in the way of a belief. I'll explain the irony in a bit after I look at the faith statements one must sign on with.

I got to wondering whether this statement of faith is any particular sect of Christendom, as it, frankly, reminded me of the Southern Baptist Church platform. So I googled, and sure, enough, top of the list was, word for word, same statement from Crossroads Baptist Church in Indiana. They are a conservative Baptist church whose mission is:

endeavor to win lost souls to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and then disciple them through worship, fellowship, mentoring, and training,

So, suppose you were someone who was, say, not a Baptist, but instead belonged to another sect of Christianity. Suppose you didn't think the Bible was inerrant. Or your church had priests. Or you were a Mormon or Catholic with additional Bible books beyond only 66. You'd either have to lie, decide not to work for Happy Hill or attempt to plead your case to work amongst these Bible evangelicals. Again, it's Happy Hill's choice to hire who they want as an employee; they are a private Christian school so that's to be expected. (Incidentally, the statement of faith on the Happy Hill website is not the same one that the potential employees of Happy Hill have to sign and agree with.)

Now let me tell you why I think this is odd.  From the About US/FAQ page on the Happy Hill website.

Q: Are Morals and Ethics Taught?

While Happy Hill might not be, at least according to their website,affiliated with any particular church, the statement of faith is a Baptist one. I would venture to say that if I, as a parent, wanted my children taught truly inter-denominationally, I wouldn't require new employees to have to sign that they agreed with a Baptist, fundamentalism, statement of faith. Because surely there could arise instances where a parent might believe that his or her children were being indoctrinated away from the faith they themselves taught the kids.

Anyway,something to think about.

A: The Academy is inter-denominational, and children from any or no religious background are offered care. The highest moral, spiritual, and ethical values are upheld and taught.

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