Audio (Part 1) from NRC Hearing re: Comanche Peak Reactors 3 and 4- Hood County TX June 10 2009Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

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Audio (Part 1) from NRC Hearing re: Comanche Peak Reactors 3 and 4- Hood County TX June 10 2009

11 June 2009 at 9:01:19 PM

Will be posting audio MP3s, pics and selected video over the next few days.

Intro to the hearing MP3

Motion to Strike MP3

Contention 1 MP3

1. The COLA adjudication should be stayed and COLA proceedings held in abeyance until the completion of the reactor design certification rulemaking process.

Contention 2 -3 MP3

2. The Comanche Peak Environmental Report erroneously assumes that there will be high-level waste/spent nuclear fuel disposal capacity available at a federal site, presumably Yucca Mountain, Nevada. But even if Yucca Mountain is available as a federal repository for spent nuclear fuel and high-level nuclear waste, its capacity would be reached by waste from the current generation of operating reactors. Therefore, the spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste generated by Comanche Peak Unites 3 and 4 would have to be dispositioned to a subsequent repository that has been neither sited nor authorized.

3. Because no spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste repository site is now available and future availability of such site is problematic, the COLA adjudication should consider the environmental consequences and public health impacts from long-term storage of high-level waste and spent fuel on site at Comanche Peak.

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1 - JACOB ROBBINS   16 Jun 2009 @ 6:08:48 PM 

The argument for the environment is absolutely rediculous because he is trying to make an argument without looking at the big picture. He is not thinking about all over the united states of america and new plants that are going to be built. Assuming that Yucca mountain is going to be the only repository by the time that the new plants that are not even licensed yet are going to be decomissioned is not looking at the big picture. I personally have operating experience on a nuclear reactor and know how the process works. We are talking about so many years down the road when prospective reactors 3 and 4 will be decommissioned the guy making the argument will probably be dead of old age by then. To think that the US will not have another repository by then when we are about to build a whole bunch of new plants in the US is just plain old ignorance. He really needs to re-think his argument and look at the big picture and get with the program. Stop living in the past and embrace the future of America.

2 - humanbeing   16 Jun 2009 @ 8:49:57 PM 

You are missing the point, Jacob. It is our responsibility to be proper stewards of the environment. Whether or not one of us will be alive or not,  down the road, is irrelevant. Until the nuclear industry develops an acceptable technology to deal with the nuclear waste problem, it fails the test for an embraceable future for America and our planet. 

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