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Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) Personal Financial Statement for 08

7 May 2009 at 4:33:23 PM

PDF  (Thank you, Lisa of the Texas Ethics Commission!)

Here's his personal financial statement from last year.

Update: Interesting parts from the 2008 statement.

Stocks he owns- Bank of America-less than 100, Particle Drilling Technologies 10,000 or more shares, Franklin Bank Corp 10,000 or more shares, USEC Inc 1000 to 4999 shares, E Campus Nation LP (less than 100) Cisco less than 100, Access Group Cattle Equity Options less than 100, E Communications Advantage Inc 10,000 or more, Caterpillar, Inc less than 100 (spouse)  Cisco Systems lesss than 100 (spouse), Dell 100 to 499 (spouse), John H Harland Co 100 to 499 (spouse) , Pfizer (spouse) less than 100, Monsanto (spouse) less than 100, Wal-Mart de Mexico Sade (spouse) less than 100.

Mutual Funds Capital World Growth and Income Fund CLA 100 to 499, Heartford Divident & Growth Fund CLA 100-499 (is this a SIC?) Heartford Global Leaders Fund CLA 100 to 499, Heartford Capital Appreciation Fund CLA 100 to 499, Heartford Mid Cap Value Fund CLA 100-499, Investment Company of America CLA 100-499, Fundamental Investors Fund (spouse) 100-499, Growth Fund of America (spouse) 100-499, Washington Mutural (sic) Investors Fund (spouse) 100-499, Capital World Growth and Income (spouse) 100-499, Heartford Dividend and Growth Fund (spouse) 100-499, Heartford Global Leaders Fund (spouse) 100-499) , Small Cap World Fund (spouse) 100 to 499.

Income from Interest, Dividends, Royalties and Rents-Farmers & Merchants Bank 500-4999. First Financial Bank 500-4999, Edward D Jones, 500-4999,

Personal Notes- Stephenville Bank & Trust note of 25000 or greater, CMH Capital America 25,000 or greater, The Access Group 25,000 or greater, F& M Bank 25,000 or greater, GEHL Finance 10,000-24,999

Interests in real property, Club Lake, Hwy 281 Stephenville, Lake Cabin 16; 184 CR 567 Stephenville Home with 6.844 acres; 6407 S US Hwy 377 Stephenville, 193.073 acres; Miller Nursery and Tree Company , Lone Oak Landscape LLC, Dublin,

Assets of Business -Lone Oak Landscape, Machinery and Tooolls less than 5000

Boards and Executive Positions- Miller Nursery and Tree Company (Owner), Erath Excels Academcy (Executive Director-Spouse), Lone Oak Landscape LLC -member

Interest in Business in Common with Lobbyist

ECampus Nation LP Center, Texas and ECommunications Advantage Hwy 290 East Austin -I wonder who the lobbyist(s) is that owns ecampusnation. when I do a whois search, I see that a Greg Stuever ( at 1192 St Hwy 7E of Center has the domain registered-the man apparently does websites. The website redirects to website which is also registered (whois) to Greg Stuever is an social network for academic sharing and learning. Built with suggestions from current and past college students and college professors. This site provides college students the ability to work with other college students around the world to achieve their academic goals.

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