About Somervell County Salon (salon.glenrose.net aka scsalon.org)

Somervell County Salon (http://salon.glenrose.net, subdomain of glenrose.net)  has been up and running as a news and commentary online media site for over 14 years (First post was on March 14, 2005_).  I created it, coded it and run it -Texas Watchdog March 2009 and FW Weekly January 2009 I, "salon" personally choose to use a screen name on this site, but most people probably know me from attending government meetings in person, video recording them, collecting audio and other open records materials, and putting them up, along with my own commentary, on this site. I had attended a Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting in 2005 and asked then-judge Walter Maynard if I could come video record meetings. He told me no, I called up the Texas Attorney General's office to verify and was told Maynard was wrong, per the Texas Public Information Act. After that, I was off and running.

(I also enjoy occasionally doing satirical cartoons. Here's an example of a political satirical cartoon I did in 2010 with regard to the 4b board, specifically Darrell Best, giving tax money to the chamber of commerce .

Somervell County Salon is a  .... BLOG that also has news. It's MY blog (Salon) but I welcome others to post and comment, as long as the posts aren't outrageous and dumb.  I, who ideologically am a liberal feminist, created the site as an outlet for political and social opinion, from the viewpoint not only of an American, Texas and Somervell County resident but also a female. There may be some that have disrespect for females and discount that anyone except a man could run a site like this or have political opinions of her own. Those people would be sexist troglodytes who live in the 1800's era in their tiny, uninformed minds,  would be WRONG and should be ridiculed as ignorant. My background is as a software and certified operating system support engineer and trainer.  I've had to resort, because of sheer misinformation that bled into other areas, to writing to the local Glen Rose Reporter paper to correct the record (Oct 16, 2014)  and have also created video clips to rebut ignorant comments  from some extremely misogynistic men (Allen Sumners and Ron Hankins) . Darrell Best told me at a presentation I recorded in 2009  at Panther Cave that it was nice of my husband to let me use his camera (!!!!!) . These men, and others, including apparently Andy Lucas, cannot imagine that a wife could have some of the same opinions as her husband, but not all and could nonetheless be seen in a just world as a capable, co-equal partner with her own mind and adult actions (and who actually, gasp, owns her own video camera!)  rather than a second class appendage.

Somervell County Salon has some very opinionated posters and commenters, we're populists and the posters are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. At right is an example of the site in July 2011 from archive.org. Notice that quite a few of the top level posters have photo avatars with their posts. What we, to include all top posters and approved commenters, have in common is that we believe in representative democracy and calling out those who are supposed to represent us when we think they're not. If you're from Somervell County or a surrounding area OR you have something to share that is particularly of interest and relevant to Somervell County, you're invited to join in posting or commenting. If you have a tip or something you want checked out, please email talk     at         glenrose.net. (That email alias goes to me, site owner *salon*.) Top Level posts are posted ONLY under a given registered member's handle; no one has ever attempted to post as someone else, but that person would be banned from the site if so. Malicious comments are deleted, this is NOT a free for all for anyone that chooses to come along and post crapola. All comments, unless the person is an approved poster with their own handle, are put in a pending state UNTIL approved; I coded it that way on purpose.

  Over the years, I have personally posted a LOT of content. In some ways, travelling back through the archives is like visiting a graveyard, where some of the graves are missing headstones (broken or non-working links) or the content comes from one of my other endeavors. As I write this in 2019, I'm not likely to go back and correct broken links or attempt to restore content.

I believe, philosophically, that social media venues such as Facebook have made blogs in some ways obsolete. I completely left Facebook over a year ago, deleted my account as I find its operation highly objectionable for various reasons, so anything I have to say I will be posting here, although it might be sporadically. I have tentative plans to put up a message board at some point.

Finally, I am glad for all who either have frequented the site in the past or do so now.