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Texas Farm Bureau Continues to Fight Trans-Texas Corridor-Where's the Contracts???

2 December 2007 at 8:14:43 AM

In an article from the Waco Trib in which Perry's veto of eminent domain laws that would have fairly compensated the landowner, I saw this.

Another point of concern Dierschke said the bureau will concentrate on is continuing to fight the Trans-Texas Corridor, a multibillion dollar highway expansion system advocated heavily by Perry and private contractors.

Dierschke said construction on the TTC would result in millions of privately owned acres taken under eminent domain.

“The governor says we need the Trans-Texas Corridor,” Dierschke said. “We are just asking for dialogue.”

Dierschke said a bureau committee has contacted the governor’s office several times requesting access to information regarding the highway project but has not been met with much cooperation.

“All we wanted to do is take a look at the actual contracts, but after six months of asking, we haven’t seen anything,” Dierschke said.

What's Perry's response? Ahything sympathetic? Nope.


The spokeswoman added that the governor’s office would welcome any alternative proposal the bureau has. “If they have a better solution, we would love to hear it.”

HELLO! The people of Texas have said there ARE better solutions. Perry just doesn't give a hoot because he's too busy looting Texas for his cronies.

P.S. McBlogger reminds that the Texas Farm Bureau VOTED FOR PERRY. Um, Regrets anyone?

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