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Marriage Counselor Convicted of Murder-How Ironic (Arlington, Texas)

12 October 2007 at 3:22:57 PM

Licensed marriage counselor Lester Winningham was convicted of murder Friday in the shooting death of his ex-fiance, Deborah Houchin.

After he shot her, in 2005, he drove up all the way to Muenster to dump the body. One other icky note in this. The man MET his *ex-fiance* through online dating service *SHE* was a marriage counselor and helped this guy out to open his practice, and let him move in with her. I don't know what he was doing before, but it's a good bet if he WAS counseling at all, it wasn't helping him find dates. How come so many women seem to dish out the dough and living space? It's like putting up a "Take Advantage of Me" sign... and especially risky when you met a guy over the internet.

I found more to indicate that must have been the case. Winningham didn't like that Houchin wanted him to sign a pre-nup, and she thought he was after her money. Yeah.

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