Trans Texas Corridor aka Trans Texas Horrordor

Trans Texas Corridor aka Trans Texas Horrordor
The Largest Land Grab in Texas History is taking place now under the governership of Rick Perry. FIGHT IT!
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Marci Kaptur on NAFTA Superhighway
Lou Dobbs on North American Union
Corsi on North American Union
Van Os at Yorktown/Dewitt County

Don't Tag Texas Rally- 3/07
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Call your State House and Senate Reps NOW and tell them your sentiments about TTC. If they voted for it and won't stop it, VOTE THEM OUT in the next election. GET THEM ON RECORD WITH THEIR OPINION. Vote for people who are patriots FOR Texas, such as David Van Os, Fred Head, and Hank Gilbert

SB7-No protection from eminent domain -TTC
Texas Republicans against TTC -party platform, page 10
TTC-Who paid?
Road to Future? Or Dead End?

The Bills and How They Voted

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Texans whose homes lie in the path of the approved Trans Texas Corridor route will have them taken via eminent domain... for a private, foreign company named Cintra. TTC (Trans Texas Corridor) is a toll road being built, not for the benefit of Texans, but to be able to bring in cheap goods from Central America, China, etc, through ports in Mexico. TTC is merely one leg of the Nafta Superhighway that goes from the west side of Mexico up to Canada (see the link for Nafta Superhighway at left). Kansas City Smart Port plans to bypass American ports-trucks would come from Mexico, quickly pass via Smartpass through the Mexico/Texas border and be inspected.... in... Kansas City.

One other element of this. Bush, in 2005,  Union called SPP. Don't recall Congress advising and consenting to that treaty which effectively guts the sovereignty of the United States in favor of corporatist free trade.

President George W. Bush, Mexico's President Vicente Fox, center, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, right, meet to shake hands following their joint news conference, Friday, March 31, 2006 in Cancun, Mexico, at the conclusion of their summit meeting. White House photo by Eric Draper
Newspaper Articles -how Texans view TTC

McClennan County (Waco)
Parker County (Weatherford)ew=plink&id=1502">Grayson County (Sherman)
Bosque County (Clifton)
Ellis County (Waxahachie)
Atascosa County (Pleasanton)
Lamar County (Paris)
Cooke County (Gainesville)
Wilson County (Floresville)
Guadalupe County (Seguin)
Harlingen County (Harlingen)
Navarro County (Corsicana)