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You know how Trump said he wasn't going to touch Social Security? Not true (SSDI) 3/20/2017 -salon  
Social Security and Medicare Programs 8/10/2014 -pstern  
The Lunatics are trying to get rid of Social Security and Unemployment Benefits AGAIN! 12/18/2013 -pstern  
Don't murder Social Security... 4/17/2013 -pstern  
Does Rick Perry think Ronald Reagan Was a Criminal? (Social Security ) 9/15/2011 9/15/2011 -salon  
Secessionist Rick Perry Roundup O Day - Sep 15 2011 9/15/2011 -salon  
Rick *Ponzi Scheme* Perry's Numbers Going Down, Obama's Going Up  9/13/2011 -salon  
Duh! Moron Rick Perry Statement O Day-*Fix* Social Security 9/10/2011 -salon  
Rick Perry is misguided about Social Security... 9/9/2011 -pstern  
Crazy Rick Perry Roundup O Day - August 25 2011  8/25/2011 -salon  
Fed UP? Yeah, I'm Fed Up - My Values Versus The Nuts Republicans Have Become 8/21/2011 -salon  
Will Rick Perry Stop Selling His Book *Fed Up* Now That He No Longer Agrees With It? (UPDATED) 8/19/2011 -salon  
Ha! Rick Perry Caught in New Hampshire Trying to Explain Conflicting Social Security Views 8/18/2011 -salon  
President Barack Obama Is NOT Going to Do Away With Social Security 8/16/2011 -salon  
Secessionist Rick Perry Has No Concern for the Poor, or Seniors 8/16/2011 -salon  
The present and future state of social security... 8/14/2011 -pstern  
Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry Wants To Be the New Sheriff In Town  8/12/2011 -salon  
Rick Perry Wants to Dismantle Medicare and Social Security  8/12/2011 -salon  
If You're Unhappy About Obama and Social Security, You'll REALLY be Sad with Rick Perry 7/25/2011 -salon  
Obama wants to cut Social Security Benefits 7/9/2011 -pstern  
Bush Thinks His Biggest Failure Was not Privatizing Social Security-bwahahahahahah 10/23/2010 -salon  
Obama, Congress and Department of Labor 'Stick It' to Elderly, Disabled on Fixed Social Security Income 12/11/2009 -pstern  
What John McCain Thinks about Social Security 10/29/2008 -salon  
Video-Barack Obama on McCain's Privatization of Social Security (read; GUT SS) Plan 9/17/2008 -salon  
Now THIS is sobering- If Bush/McCain Views of Privatized Social Security Had Prevailed 9/16/2008 -salon  
Lame Excuse O Day-We Don't Want To Change Medicaid Cards Because it Would SCARE Old People 6/22/2008 -salon  
Gramps McCain AGAIN Says He Did NOT Say Something That He Did-Privatizing Social Security 6/13/2008 -salon  
Would you give your child's social security number to a PRIVATE data mining company???? 1/13/2008 -salon  
Perry, Legislators Throw Away $500 Million Trying to Privatize Social Security 4/27/2007 -pstern  
Update on Texas Attorney General Abbott's Opinion on Social Security Numbers in Deeds 2/28/2007 -salon  
Gas Land Men Bogged Down Searching Through Deed Records Due to Texas AG Ruling about Social Security Numbers 2/26/2007 -salon  
Chet Edwards (Us House District 17) New Mailer - Say No to Social Security Privatization-Say No to Van Taylor 11/1/2006 -salon  
Even Though Most Americans Don't Want Change To Social Security, Republicans Will Push It Anyway 8/12/2005 -salon  
Bush, Still Flogging his Unpopular Social Security Snake Oil, Brings in the Big Guns----Mommy 7/22/2005 -salon  
Raising the Retirement Age to Cover Social Security Shortfalls? 6/28/2005 -salon  
Social Security-GOP Fails to Address the Problem Bush Promoted-Thomas Bill Does Not Address SS Insolvency 6/24/2005 -salon  
400 Protesters Turn Out Against Bush's Social Security Snake Oil In Maryland-Another Hand-Picked Audience for Bush 6/23/2005 -salon  
Social Security Private Accounts Called by Any Other Name Are Still Private Accounts 6/23/2005 -salon  
Denver Three Still Don't Know Who Kicked Them Out of Bush's Social Security Meeting 6/22/2005 -salon  
Explaining Bush's Social Security Blather 6/20/2005 -salon  
Bush's Social Security Snake Oil Road Show Not Working, So Bush Will Now Hawk Medicare To Wary Seniors 6/18/2005 -salon  
Bush Changing Social Security Tactics-Is Beginning to Attack Democrats  6/17/2005 -salon  
Republicans Ready to Bail on Bush's Social Security Fiasco 6/15/2005 -salon  
Bush Protested in Philadelphia-Still Beating that Dead Social Security Horse 6/14/2005 -salon  
Republicans Fix for Social Security- Raise the Retirement Age 6/10/2005 -salon  
Out of Touch Bush Continues his Endless Social Security Tour 6/4/2005 -salon  
Student Boom-Does This Solve the Social Security Problem? 6/3/2005 -salon  
Bush in St Louis and Kentucky Flogging that Tired Dog and Pony Social Security Show 6/2/2005 -salon  
Social Security- People Unclear On the Concept in Greece, New York 5/24/2005 -salon  
Washington Post Calls Bush's Social Security Roadshow Past Its Prime Broadway Production 5/20/2005 -salon  
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