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  Paul Harper wins again at Texas Supreme Court -Anti-Slapp -TCPA
  Trump Lies
  Trump-Adderall Snorting Speed Freak?
  Hat Trick Criminal Wednesday- Michael Cohen sentenced, David Pecker admission and NY State AG investigation
  What do you get when you merge a Liar with a Grifter with a Fear-Mongerer?
  Terrorist Attacks on (Mostly) Public Officials-Some Sicko wants to murder people
  Most Popular Posts by Year on Somervell County Salon
  What's Going on with the Turk v Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District Lawsuit? (Glen Rose Medical Center)
  Republican Lies and Hypocrisy- in COURT to KILL ACA Including Pre-Existing Conditions
  Ted Cruz-Tough as Texas? Bwahahah
  Brett Kavanaugh is supremely the wrong person to be on SCOTUS
  Video- Former President Barack Obama on the State of our Democracy
  Draining Trump's Swamp- Michael Cohen Says Trump Directed Him to Commit Campaign Finance Violations
  Draining Trump's Swamp- Update- Paul Manafort Convicted of 8 Felony Counts
  What's Donald Trump Lying About Today and other corruptions? (Monday 7/23/2018
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Eventually Ray Reynolds of Glen Rose Medical Center Will Retire.. (2017) 7/19/2017 -salon  
Property Tax rates going up 9.2% in Somervell County 9/29/2016 -pharper  
Age Catches Up With You-Hilarious Ads for Retirement 9/22/2015 -salon  
Video-Certified Retirement Community in Texas -from GREDC Dec 6 2010 12/8/2010 -salon  
Bwahahah-Leo Berman Needs to Retire! Anderson Cooper on Obama's Birth Certificate 12/1/2010 -salon  
Fancy Catfood for Texas Teachers When They Retire (TRS)  8/2/2009 -salon  
WHO's Gonna Say *I Quit Because of My Huge Gambling Debt in Vegas!* -Texas Teacher Retirement Fund 1/9/2009 -salon  
Nancy Moore to Retire from GRISD (Curriculum Director at Elementary School) 5/31/2008 -salon  
Clintons Must Now Retire the *Vast Right Wing Conspiracy* Phrase 3/26/2008 -salon  
Should Investors Who Do Business with the Teachers Retirement System Fund Make Political Contributions?  1/21/2008 -salon  
EEOC Will Now Let Businesses Stiff Retirees on Benefits -AARP Says Act is Discriminatory 1/5/2008 -salon  
When Rep. Mike Krusee Retires, Let's Make Sure We Get Rid of Him For Good!  12/3/2007 -pstern  
When Rep. Mike Krusee Retires, Let's Make Sure We Get Rid of Him For Good!  11/30/2007 -pstern  
*Don't Spend it All in One Place!*-Retired Teachers in TX Get One Time Pension Check 11/11/2007 -salon  
Why are the Texas Teachers Retirement System's Salaries for Pension Managers SECRET?????????? 9/13/2007 -salon  
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to retire 9/9/2007 -joe
XTO Energy Destroys Man's Dream Retirement Home in Teague (Freestone Co), Texas  6/29/2007 -salon  
California Teacher's Retirement PENSION Funds to be Invested in Toll Roads, other PPP projects 6/12/2007 -salon  
Texas Certified Retirement Communities- Athens, Lufkin and Nacogdoches First Counties To Get it 2/13/2007 -salon  
Perry's *Error in Judgment* -Texas Education Groups Warn Trustees Against Perry's Gambling with Retirement Funds 12/15/2006 -salon  
A-AS Chimes In with Editorial about Perry's Gamble with Texas Teacher's Retirement Funds 11/17/2006 -salon  
Perry Asking Teacher's Retirement Fund to Invest... in HIS Technology Fund companies 11/17/2006 -salon  
Craddick Claiming the Texas Teachers Retirement System (TRS) is Gutted Due to 9/11 10/26/2006 -salon  
Texas Retired Teachers-Perry Wants to Cut Pension Funds By Taking from Healthcare Benefits 9/16/2006 -salon  
Raising the Retirement Age to Cover Social Security Shortfalls? 6/28/2005 -salon  
State of Texas Teacher Retirement Bill 6/20/2005 -salon  
Republicans Fix for Social Security- Raise the Retirement Age 6/10/2005 -salon  
Texas House Passed Legislation to Cut Teacher Retirement/Pension Benefits 5/24/2005 -salon  
TX Senate Cuts Retired Teachers Pensions, But Made Sure to Up Their Own 5/19/2005 -salon  
House Republicans Attempting to Sneak Privatization of Social Security into a Retirement Benefits Bill 5/17/2005 -salon  
Bush's Benefit Cuts to Shift Social Security from Retirement to a Welfare System 4/29/2005 -salon