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  About the First Amendment Principle That It's Fine To Criticize Government Officials
  Video-Chris Turner Speaks against SB1978 (Texas Lege 2019)
  Video from Texas House & Senate Committees re: Rural Hospitals 2019
  Is the Issue with Lab Outsourcing an Insurance Contract Issue, Fraud or What? (Glen Rose Medical Center)
  WHY Does I-35 Capital Physician Management Group Want a Hospital Affiliation in Cleburne? (Glen Rose Medical Center)
  Somervell County Food Bank now PAYING their Directors instead of buying more food!
  Glen Rose Medical Center-Map of Where External For-Profit Clinics Are (2019)
  What Somervell County Hospital District (Glen Rose Medical Center) is doing with I-35 Capital Physician*s Group Looks Illegal as Hell
  Congress Needs to Start Impeachment Hearings Against Lawless Donald Trump
  Really? This is okay with Diane Carr of Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas ?????
  Shut Up About Being Pro-Life Until .....
  Farmer Says Tariffs Are Hurting Him (China not paying)
  More Apparent Texas Open Meeting Violations by Ron Hankins- Somervell County Hospital District
  Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court May 13 2019
  Some Waldo Jokes
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Eventually Ray Reynolds of Glen Rose Medical Center Will Retire.. (2017) 7/19/2017 -salon  
Property Tax rates going up 9.2% in Somervell County 9/29/2016 -pharper  
Age Catches Up With You-Hilarious Ads for Retirement 9/22/2015 -salon  
Video-Certified Retirement Community in Texas -from GREDC Dec 6 2010 12/8/2010 -salon  
Bwahahah-Leo Berman Needs to Retire! Anderson Cooper on Obama's Birth Certificate 12/1/2010 -salon  
Fancy Catfood for Texas Teachers When They Retire (TRS)  8/2/2009 -salon  
WHO's Gonna Say *I Quit Because of My Huge Gambling Debt in Vegas!* -Texas Teacher Retirement Fund 1/9/2009 -salon  
Nancy Moore to Retire from GRISD (Curriculum Director at Elementary School) 5/31/2008 -salon  
Clintons Must Now Retire the *Vast Right Wing Conspiracy* Phrase 3/26/2008 -salon  
Should Investors Who Do Business with the Teachers Retirement System Fund Make Political Contributions?  1/21/2008 -salon  
EEOC Will Now Let Businesses Stiff Retirees on Benefits -AARP Says Act is Discriminatory 1/5/2008 -salon  
When Rep. Mike Krusee Retires, Let's Make Sure We Get Rid of Him For Good!  12/3/2007 -pstern  
When Rep. Mike Krusee Retires, Let's Make Sure We Get Rid of Him For Good!  11/30/2007 -pstern  
*Don't Spend it All in One Place!*-Retired Teachers in TX Get One Time Pension Check 11/11/2007 -salon  
Why are the Texas Teachers Retirement System's Salaries for Pension Managers SECRET?????????? 9/13/2007 -salon  
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to retire 9/9/2007 -joe
XTO Energy Destroys Man's Dream Retirement Home in Teague (Freestone Co), Texas  6/29/2007 -salon  
California Teacher's Retirement PENSION Funds to be Invested in Toll Roads, other PPP projects 6/12/2007 -salon  
Texas Certified Retirement Communities- Athens, Lufkin and Nacogdoches First Counties To Get it 2/13/2007 -salon  
Perry's *Error in Judgment* -Texas Education Groups Warn Trustees Against Perry's Gambling with Retirement Funds 12/15/2006 -salon  
A-AS Chimes In with Editorial about Perry's Gamble with Texas Teacher's Retirement Funds 11/17/2006 -salon  
Perry Asking Teacher's Retirement Fund to Invest... in HIS Technology Fund companies 11/17/2006 -salon  
Craddick Claiming the Texas Teachers Retirement System (TRS) is Gutted Due to 9/11 10/26/2006 -salon  
Texas Retired Teachers-Perry Wants to Cut Pension Funds By Taking from Healthcare Benefits 9/16/2006 -salon  
Raising the Retirement Age to Cover Social Security Shortfalls? 6/28/2005 -salon  
State of Texas Teacher Retirement Bill 6/20/2005 -salon  
Republicans Fix for Social Security- Raise the Retirement Age 6/10/2005 -salon  
Texas House Passed Legislation to Cut Teacher Retirement/Pension Benefits 5/24/2005 -salon  
TX Senate Cuts Retired Teachers Pensions, But Made Sure to Up Their Own 5/19/2005 -salon  
House Republicans Attempting to Sneak Privatization of Social Security into a Retirement Benefits Bill 5/17/2005 -salon  
Bush's Benefit Cuts to Shift Social Security from Retirement to a Welfare System 4/29/2005 -salon