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  Trump Attacks Medicare and Farmers - His Budget Requests
  Sunshine Week 2019 and Anti-Slapp Law in Texas
  Trump the Serial Liar's Swamp for 3/1/2019
  Turk Case Update- Telephone Conference Hearing Set for March 8 2019
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  How is what Google did in Midlothian Texas transparent?
  Wow! Trump Says He Didn't Need to do his Wall Emergency-So it's NOT an Emergency
  Monarch Butterflies are Disappearing - That and Trump's Immoral Wall
  Video about Nemo, Texas from WFAA
  On Trump Violating the Magnitsky Act (2/11/2019)
  Southern Baptist Sex Offenders- Houston Chronicle Created an online database
  On National Enquirer (AMI) Threatening Blackmail on Various People -Including Jeff Bezos
  What's Going on in Trump's Swamp Today? Oh, yeah, his hiring of illegal immigrants (2/8/2019)
  Turk Case Against Somervell County Hospital District and Ray Reynolds STILL Ongoing, Apparently Altered More than 3 years later- Update Feb 2019
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Trump the Serial Liar's Swamp for 3/1/2019  3/1/2019 -salon  
Rape: the problem is not going away... 4/29/2013 -pstern  
Best Form of Birth Control? Legitimate Rape 8/31/2012 -salon  
What IS it about Republicans and RAPE? Sheesh! Tom Smith Steps into it  8/28/2012 -salon  
Pregnancy Flowchart 8/23/2012 -salon  
Paul Ryan Co-Authored a Bill with Akin - Abortions ONLY if *forcible rape*Oh-there are different kinds of Rape?  8/21/2012 -salon  
VIDEO - President Obama says 'rape is rape' 8/20/2012 -pharper  
VIDEO - Republican Senate candidate says 'If its a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down' 8/20/2012 -pharper  
Video- Friday Nite Entertainment-Don Draper Sez *What*? 11/5/2010 -salon  
Raped at the Marriott Hotel by a Transient that the Security Guards Failed to Stop_YOUR FAULT, SISTER!  8/15/2009 -salon  
Thinking about Nursing Homes Today-Read about a Woman Who was Raped in a Nursing Home (Chicago) 5/13/2009 -salon  
Marine Mllitary Recruiter Who Worked in Local KY School Up for Rape Charges 12/10/2008 -salon  
Wow! This Video Brought Tears to My Eyes 10/22/2008 -salon  
Video-Women Against Sarah Palin- Rape Victim Tells Palin She Should Have a Choice 10/16/2008 -salon  
Video-Wasilla Project on Sarah Palin's Rape Kits -Making Victims Pay For Them 10/8/2008 -salon  
Media-ASK Sarah Palin about Charging Rape Victims  9/11/2008 -salon  
Ugh. When Sarah Palin Was Mayor, Her City CHARGED RAPE VICTIMS for expense of investigation.  9/9/2008 -salon  
WATCH OUT FOR THOSE GRAPES! heh. 9/3/2008 -salon  
Geez. What Happened to Grapevine, Texas? The Gaylord Texan Resort 3/27/2008 -salon  
Mandatory Spanish Class Ticks off Grapevine (Texas) Mom 2/6/2008 -salon  
Clinton's Rally Music in Iowa Includes Golden Earring Song-Video about Nun Rape 1/29/2008 -salon  
Grapes of Wrath Revisited- Brownsville, TX Migrant Workers Settle with Pioneer Hi-Bred Out of Court 12/21/2007 -salon  
The Plunder and Rape of America: Gas hikes raise food prices, toll taxes raise living expenses  5/17/2007 -pstern  
When Bush Went to Grapevine, Residents were warned not to look out their windows 8/6/2005 -salon