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  Is the Issue with Lab Outsourcing an Insurance Contract Issue, Fraud or What? (Glen Rose Medical Center)
  WHY Does I-35 Capital Physician Management Group Want a Hospital Affiliation in Cleburne? (Glen Rose Medical Center)
  Somervell County Food Bank now PAYING their Directors instead of buying more food!
  Glen Rose Medical Center-Map of Where External For-Profit Clinics Are (2019)
  What Somervell County Hospital District (Glen Rose Medical Center) is doing with I-35 Capital Physician*s Group Looks Illegal as Hell
  Congress Needs to Start Impeachment Hearings Against Lawless Donald Trump
  Really? This is okay with Diane Carr of Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas ?????
  Shut Up About Being Pro-Life Until .....
  Farmer Says Tariffs Are Hurting Him (China not paying)
  More Apparent Texas Open Meeting Violations by Ron Hankins- Somervell County Hospital District
  Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court May 13 2019
  Some Waldo Jokes
  The Time in 2016 When Ron Hankins Tried to Intimidate a Citizen at the Somervell County Hospital District board meeting
  Trump Keeps on Lying about the Tariffs (Sucker Born Every Minute)
  Danny Chambers Puts Up Sign Trusting Mohammed? (Somervell County Commissioners Court)
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Video about Nemo, Texas from WFAA  2/11/2019 -salon  
Videos- For Jobs For Us and Tenemos Familias- Bernie Sanders Ads 3/5/2016 -salon  
Friends of the Brazos Having Fall Fundraiser Oct 23 2010 - Nemo 8/13/2010 -salon  
Brazos River Charter School (Nemo, Texas) 990 IRS Forms for 2005, 2007 and 2008  6/24/2010 -salon  
What about Obama and Guantanemo Bay.. and Torture?  2/20/2009 -salon  
Some Pics from *Friends of the Brazos* Fundraiser in Nemo, Texas 10/26/2008 -salon  
Supreme Court Smacks Bush Administration AGAIN-On Guantanemo Bay Prisoners 6/12/2008 -salon  
Bush Smacked Back by Federal Court on Guantanemo Bay 2/1/2008 -salon  
UN Tells US to either prosecute or release Guantanemo Bay Suspects 10/30/2007 -salon  
Where are YOU going on vacay? Why, Chez Guantanemo, of course! They have 4 star hotels and FAB restaurants! 12/29/2006 -salon  
Leaked Emails Claim Guantanemo Hearings are Rigged 7/31/2005 -salon  
White House Doesn't want Senate Investigations or Regulations into Guantenemo Bay 7/21/2005 -salon  
Moazzam Begg, a British citizen, Shares His Story at Guantenemo Bay 7/20/2005 -salon  
Abu Ghraib Abuse Was First Practiced at Guantanemo Bay -Miller Involvement 7/14/2005 -salon  
News Dump Late on a Friday Night-Pentagon Admits Koran Abused at Guantanemo Bay 6/3/2005 -salon  
Demonstrations against Guantanemo Bay Abuse Continue in Jakarta 5/27/2005 -salon  
New FBI Documents Show that Guantanemo Guards Mistreated the Koran 5/25/2005 -salon  
Newly Declassified Notes of US Lawyers of Interviews with Guantanemo Bay Clients 5/19/2005 -salon  
The Koran Flush Story Avoids the Issue of Guantanemo Bay Used as a Military Psych Lab 5/16/2005 -salon