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  Another Federal Court rules that atheists can lead government prayers (July 2019)
  Trump the Racist goes on tweetstorm telling brown congresspersons to *Go Back* to where they came from
  Trump Is a Morally Bereft Person: One Time When Donald Trump Was Accused of Rape (Epstein)
  Mueller Report live -About Trump's TEN Acts of Obstruction
  What about the concentration camps Trump has put on the border?
  Video- De Niro, Reiner and More Cut Through Trump's Lies on the Mueller Report
  John Oliver on impeaching Trump
  Jon Stewart goes off on Congress about 9/11 First Responders
  Kenneth Copeland is a nut! hah! Interviewed by Inside Edition
  Mueller Today (5/29/2019) *If we had confidence the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so'
  Past Time To Start Impeachment Hearings on Trump
  Life Accordion To Trump
  Huawei Ban is Bigger Than You Think and other Trade War Musing
  Fixes to Texas Public Information Act in 2019 - Re: Government Contracts also TOMA Walking Quorum
  Why WOULD Palestinians Attend Jared Kushner's Economic Conference in Bahrain
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NAIS (National Animal Id System) is Essentially a *License to Farm* 6/8/2009 -salon  
Tom Vilsack, NAIS and the Listening Tour in Iowa 5/8/2009 -salon  
NAIS (National Animal ID System ) Report to Congress 2009 3/11/2009 -salon  
Legal Defense Fund Sues to Stop NAIS (National Animal ID System) 7/16/2008 -salon  
Sheesh. Congress Trying to Tie School Lunches to NAIS (National Animal ID System) Now 7/1/2008 -salon  
Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund Files Intent To Sue USDA Over NAIS 5/17/2008 -salon  
Hey! National Animal ID System (NAIS) Is SUPPOSED TO BE VOLUNTARY!!!!  4/13/2008 -salon  
NAIS Video- Meeting in Missouri Against the National Animal ID System  1/3/2008 -salon  
Civil Disobedience- Resistance to NAIS (National Animal ID System) Premises Registering 6/21/2007 -salon  
NAIS (National Animal ID System) *Don't Tag Texas* Rally Sponsored by Hank Gilbert in Austin 1/27/2007 -salon