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  Audio-City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting Nov 25, 2019- re: Bryant/Leamons
  Audio-Somervell County Commissioners Court - Nov 15, 2019- About Election Results
  Audio- Somervell County Commissioners Court Dec 4 2019- HOT Tax Workshop
  Audio-City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting Nov 20 2019 - Re: Grievances
  Why care about the Trump impeachment? Your right to vote in free elections is at stake.
  The Corrupt Swamp of Trump - 12/6/2019
  Trump Impeachment O Day - 12/6/2019
  Why Didn't Somervell County Hospital District member Ron Hankins RECUSE himself from vote or actions re: State of Texas ex rel Best v Harper?
  On the Temporary Restraining Order Somervell County Attorney Andy Lucas & Ron Hankins Tried to Prevent Harper from attending meetings
  Catching up with what happened re: Possible Sale of Oakdale Park in Glen Rose
  Hypocrite Hankins! Somervell County Hospital District Board Member Says He'd Like to Take Tax Rate Down to Zero
  Status On Those For-Profit Clinics that Somervell County Hospital District has been operating OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT
  Somervell County property taxes 2nd highest when compared to surrounding counties
  Part of your RAISED Somervell County Hospital District taxes going for Pecan Clinic in Hood County
  Should Somervell County Hospital District Keep Records Past 90 days? They voted to delete video
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Revisiting the Medicare Thuggery on Seniors- Two years later *The Ugliest Night I have Ever Seen in Politics* 4/2/2007 -salon  
Chet Edwards votes Yes on passage of H.R.4 "Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act of 2007" 1/13/2007 -Chair
Seniors and Medicare Advice-For the First time, Beneficiaries Asked to Detail Their Income and Assets 7/28/2005 -salon  
Bush's Social Security Snake Oil Road Show Not Working, So Bush Will Now Hawk Medicare To Wary Seniors 6/18/2005 -salon  
Bush Administration Using Medicare Handbook to Mislead Seniors 4/28/2005 -salon  
Bush's Dept of Health and Human Services Seeks to Stiff Medicare Recipients 4/24/2005 -salon