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  Why are Paul Manafort's defense attorneys helping Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman today?
  Money Laundering 101- Trump seeks to get rid of regulations on offshore money
  Pete Sessions wrote letter then got lots of moolah from Republican PAC
  So are christians accepting of Trump's actions with Turkey-slaughter of the Kurds?
  Today In Trump's Grifterville -10/10/2019 Impeachment Edition
  Did we elect a monarch? Bah to the Constitution? Trump and the Ukraine
  Trump Snorting Adderroll -Podcast interview with Noel Casler who worked on The Apprentice
  Time to Lock Up Ivanka Trump? She used a personal email account to send govt emails
  Corey Lewandowski Is Just a Flat Out Liar
  Not Ever Voting for Unethical Trump-but I'm not a fan of Biden
  New in Trump's Swampy Government- Emuluments Case Back On
  At what point will this country make sure our elected officials pass gun laws to ensure human safety?
  NY Times has article about Brett Kavanaugh Sexual Assault at Yale
  Final Judgment in State of Texas ex Rel Best v Harper - 9/10/2019
  What Military Projects is Trump Robbing to Pay for his fence on the border?
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