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FBI has REOPENED its investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails (10/28/2016)  10/28/2016 -salon  
Why did President Obama & Elizabeth Warren endorse Hillary Clinton when she is under FBI investigation?  6/22/2016 -salon  
The FBI Investigation into Hillary Clinton's server/emails IS a criminal investigation 6/15/2016 -salon  
Rick Perry the Crook- Perry's Veto Killed Investigation into No Bid contracts 1/17/2015 -salon  
What's Going on with Rick *Oops* Perry and that Grand Jury Investigation?  5/22/2014 -salon  
Richard Land Loses Radio Show After Ethics Commission Investigation 6/2/2012 -salon  
Town Officials Under Investigation in Muscogee, Oklahoma-Open Meetings Violations et al (Sept 2010) 9/2/2010 -salon  
Group Calls for Gardasil (Merck) Investigation 8/19/2010 -salon  
It's 2009 Now-Whatever Happened to the FBI Investigation into Air-Evac Helicopters?  1/25/2009 -salon  
Judge in Alaska Rules that the Sarah Palin Ethics Investigation Must Go Forward 10/3/2008 -salon  
SHAME on John McCain-Attempting to Circumvent an Independent Investigation of Sarah Palin 9/16/2008 -salon  
Ugh. When Sarah Palin Was Mayor, Her City CHARGED RAPE VICTIMS for expense of investigation.  9/9/2008 -salon  
TPJ Wants Criminal Investigation Into David Dewhurst's Flouting of Texas Ethics Commission Rules 9/4/2008 -salon  
Sarah Palin Who Pledged Cooperation in Ethics Probe NOW TRYING TO STALL THE INVESTIGATION 9/3/2008 -salon  
John McCain ALSO Deliberately Didn't Include Gail Norton in his Abramoff Investigation 8/19/2008 -salon  
More on Kenneth Copeland-Because the Investigation into Evangelists Continues 7/28/2008 -salon  
What Ever Happened To The Criminal Mischief Investigation Involving Doyle and Smith?  5/17/2008 -salon  
How Come Greg Abbott's 2006 Investigation into Voting Rights Violations Isn't finished?  4/27/2008 -salon  
Cornyn on the Larry Craig Senate Ethics Investigation-WhAT'S GOING ON??????? 11/15/2007 -salon  
On Joelle Ogletree of Glen Rose, Texas And the Investigation by TEA OF Her Fitness to Recertified as a Teacher 11/2/2007 -salon  
Seems Senator Craig has something to hide-No Ethics Investigation for him 9/5/2007 -salon  
Hedge Fund Follies- GE Revises Four Years of Accounting Under SEC Investigation 7/29/2007 -salon  
Puzzled about the Schools Cleared in the TAKS investigation- Did TEA make a new contract with Caveon?  12/15/2006 -salon  
Halliburton-Nigerian Bribe Investigation Moves Ahead-DOJ, SEC, Nigerian Govt, French and Swiss Investigators 11/12/2006 -salon  
Iowa Letter to the Editor- Soldier's Parent Calls for an Investigation into the War 8/6/2005 -salon  
Pentagon Defies Order to Release Photos; 2,000 Veterans Call for Independent Investigation 7/25/2005 -salon  
Plame Investigation Roundup 7/24/2005 -salon  
Besides Rove, another investigation is going on as to who forged the Niger documents 7/23/2005 -salon  
White House Doesn't want Senate Investigations or Regulations into Guantenemo Bay 7/21/2005 -salon  
White House Stonewalls for Second Day about Rove's Involvement with Plame Investigation 7/12/2005 -salon  
Henry Cisneros 21 million dollar investigation-still open after years 5/24/2005 -salon