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  At what point will this country make sure our elected officials pass gun laws to ensure human safety?
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Should the internet be reclassified as a public utility? YES!  11/10/2014 -salon  
So... Somervell County Hospital District has NOT been posting minutes to their internet site... ever  8/3/2014 -salon  
Participatory journalism-Why the Originating Source Internet Shift Changes How We Get Information/News 11/27/2010 -salon  
Thin Skins and Opinions-Free Speech, The Internet and Newspapers 10/9/2010 -salon  
You Can Watch the TCEQ Agenda Meetings LIVE on the Internet (Chalk Mountain June 30 2010) 6/30/2010 -salon  
Heh. What People in 1969 Thought the Internet Would be Like (Video) 4/2/2010 -salon  
FCC Order Allowing Schools To Open After Hours for the Public To Use School's Internet Access 2/22/2010 -salon  
Somervell County Water District Has an Internet Weather Site 1/30/2010 -salon  
Um. Hope My Internet Doesn't Get Knocked Out Again!  7/31/2009 -salon  
American Airlines has inflight internet access 7/26/2009 -pharper  
That *What's Your Real Age?* Internet Ad? Collecting Personal Info for Big Pharm 3/27/2009 -salon  
Women choose Internet over Sex 12/16/2008 -joe
Bwahahah! Didn't Hear the News? IT*S ON THE INTERNET!!!!! 9/26/2008 -salon  
How did WE Watch the Democratic National Convention? Via the Internet, NOT the Television 9/10/2008 -salon  
Dang! We had thundershowers last night and my internet has been out most of the day 6/29/2008 -salon  
Heh. John McCain is *Aware of the Internet*-Gramps Doesn't Use a Computer 6/25/2008 -salon  
5 Internet Jokes That Will Make Obama Win 6/14/2008 -salon  
Video Fun-Master of the Internet 5/30/2008 -salon  
Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas Back in the News-Internet Sex Sting with Pastor 5/16/2008 -salon  
Hah! SpankMyMarketer Exposes Sleazy, Illegal Internet Marketing  1/28/2008 -salon  
VIDEO- Should AT&T Be Spying on the Internet? Want AT&T To read your Emails? Your IMs?  1/22/2008 -salon  
Senate Republicans Want to Hide Their Campaign Contributions From Being Internet Searched 11/15/2007 -salon  
Using my cell phone for my computers internet access 11/10/2007 -pharper  
America's Dream Town-IF You Do Enough Voting Repeatedly On the Internet  11/9/2007 -salon  
Not Only Does AT&T Help Bush Spy on You, AND They're Hypocrites, But They Censor Concerts on the Internet 8/9/2007 -salon  
Congress Should Make ALL Bills, with Markups, Available for Public Inspection, ON the internet 7/21/2007 -salon  
Eh-Hem! Internet Escort Service BUSTED that Originated in Stephenville (Erath County) Texas 7/14/2007 -salon  
On the Internet? Ze Borg Microsoft is Vatching You and Knows Who You Are 6/4/2007 -salon  
Oops! Bush Okays Putting Nuclear Weapon Plans on the Internet- We Can Stop Saying Republicans Are Tough on Terror Now 11/4/2006 -salon  
TXU, Broadband Internet and the Struggle Between AT&T and Current Communications Group 11/4/2006 -salon  
FCC Schizo on DSL, Wiretapping (Here Comes Internet Surveillance) 8/12/2005 -salon  
US Refuses, as per promise, to turn over control of the internet to international body, creating controversy 7/14/2005 -salon  
Should Internet Service Providers Be Compelled to Turn Over Customer Information to the Government? 5/28/2005 -salon  
Rep Phil King's Telecom Bill- Banning Free Wireless Internet and Other SBC Giveaways 5/16/2005 -salon  
Books are one thing, but the internet?  4/20/2005 -salon  
Not Enough Money in Texas Budget for Both Textbooks and Internet 4/16/2005 -salon