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  8/23/2019- Judgement Against The State of Texas and George Darrell Best
  About the Out of District Clinics Glen Rose Medical Center is running under Somervell County Hospital DISTRICT auspices
  Albert and Shelly Turk apparently got a settlement amount from Somervell County Hospital District
  Trump is now calling himself the *Chosen one* and by reference *King of Israel*
  What's up in Trump's Swamp for August 17 2019?
  Trump Continues to be a dirt-bag racist - 7/20/2019
  US House Passes Resolution Calling Donald Trump's Comments Racist (7/16/2019)
  Logos on Cop Cars Other than *To Protect and Serve* ie Punisher or *In God We Trust*
  *No True Scotsman* and *Fake Christians*
  Another Federal Court rules that atheists can lead government prayers (July 2019)
  Trump the Racist goes on tweetstorm telling brown congresspersons to *Go Back* to where they came from
  Trump Is a Morally Bereft Person: One Time When Donald Trump Was Accused of Rape (Epstein)
  Mueller Report live -About Trump's TEN Acts of Obstruction
  What about the concentration camps Trump has put on the border?
  Video- De Niro, Reiner and More Cut Through Trump's Lies on the Mueller Report
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Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Passed Resolution in favor of Immigration reform 6/15/2018 -salon  
1 in 5 immigrant children have been *lost* and the group least likely to care are *christians*  5/25/2018 -salon  
Trump Administration Separates Children From Parents, Plans to put children in army barracks 5/16/2018 -salon  
Reassessing Immigration's Cost-KERA's Think  9/24/2014 -salon  
In response to: 'House leaves immigration bill' and goes home... 7/31/2014 -pstern  
Obama, Democrats push for new immigration reform 12/22/2013 -pstern  
Senate approves horrible immigration bill 6/27/2013 -pstern  
Bogus Immigration Bill Filled with Unrelated Special Interest Objectives 4/22/2013 -pstern  
Rick Perry Scam O Day- Be Soft on Illegal Immigration & Then Bill Feds for Housing 8/28/2011 -salon  
Secessionist Rick Perry's Support for Illegal Immigration -from 2007 Inauguration Speech 7/30/2011 -salon  
Obama Administration Pushes Anti-American Immigration Resolution 7/13/2011 -pstern  
Illegal Immigration Taking a Big Toll 6/13/2011 -pstern  
Rick Perry- Immigration Reform-Ooops. Obama Doing Better 6/6/2011 -salon  
Illegal Immigration and the Monster in the Closet 9/30/2010 -pstern  
What do State and Federal Lawmakers in US District 17 or SD 22 Think about the Arizona Immigration Bill?  7/7/2010 -salon  
Why Americans can no longer ignore illegal immigration 5/28/2010 -pstern  
Modify Immigration Policy: Should We Just Leave the U.S. to the Illegals? 5/16/2009 -pstern  
McCain Lies About the Immigration Vote-Both He AND Obama Voted the SAME WAY 9/13/2008 -salon  
One more thing about Gun-Toting, Anti-Immigration, Relgious Texans 4/13/2008 -salon  
The Irony of Fear! Fear! Immigration Versus American Soldiers on Foreign Soil  12/2/2007 -salon  
Opportunists in Congress and Illegal Immigration 11/19/2007 -salon  
Chet Edwards (US House District 17) on Immigration 11/11/2007 -salon  
U.S. IMMIGRATION POLICY: The reality game continues... 10/31/2007 -pstern  
Immigration Issue: 16-Foot High Border Fence an Old Theme of Dysfunctional Government 10/1/2007 -pstern  
Microsoft's Disingenuous Portrayal of H-1B Visa Usage in Canada as an Immigration Issue 7/17/2007 -salon  
Dead Immigration Bill means only 85,000 H-1B visa's instead of 115,000 but "Securing Knowledge, Innovation and Leadership Act" does same thing 7/2/2007 -joe
Wah! Bush's *Legacy* Sack Is Empty and No Political Capital To Buy More- The Immigration Butt-Kickin' 6/29/2007 -salon  
New Immigration Policy: Let's just leave the U.S. to the illegals?  5/17/2007 -pstern  
I LOVE a Good Smackdown-Noriega Smacks Back Against Arrogant Perry Aide On the Texas Immigration Wall 5/4/2007 -salon  
No Surprise here- Most Texas Immigration Bills are Likely Unconstitutional 3/28/2007 -salon  
Children Jailed, Too, in Immigration Detention Center in Taylor (Williamson County), Texas  12/15/2006 -salon  
Sid Miller (Texas Dist 59) on Immigration and the 60 Percent Drop in Crime at the Border 10/27/2006 -salon  
Immigration, The Secure Fence Act, Bush the Liar and Chet Edwards 10/9/2006 -salon  
Texas District 59-Sid Miller and Ernie Casbeer on Immigration Issues and Cindy Sheehan 10/9/2006 -salon  
John Cornyn -Views on Immigration and *Virtual Walls* 9/20/2006 -salon  
John Cornyn Hugs Up to Racist Groups- Speaks on Immigration at Rockford Institute Group 9/20/2006 -salon  
Immigration Hearing by House Repubs and the Irony of the Trans Texas Corridor 8/1/2006 -salon