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  County Attorney email implies the County Commissioners violated the Texas Open Meetings Act in closed session
  Somervell County Clerk Michelle Reynolds office posted inaccurate minutes for County Commissioners November 18, 2019 meeting
  Should Govt Be able to exercise pardons for horrible people (Matt Bevins-KY)
  How Specific Does TOMA Notice Need to be (City of Austin v Lake Austin Collective, Inc)
  House Judiciary Committee Votes to Send Articles of Impeachment to the Full House for a Vote
  Video re: Danny Chambers Drag Racing Around the Square In Youth (Glen Rose)
  Video-Somervell County Commissioners Court Dec 9 2019 Regular Meeting- FULL
  Video-Somervell County Commissioners Court Dec 9 2019 Special Session
  When Somervell County Commissioners Court Spent YOUR Tax Dollar Money to Pay State of Texas ex rel Best v Harper -July 11 2016
  Calling out Somervell County Judge Danny Chambers Hypocrisy AGAIN-RESPONSIBILITY of Commissioners Court
  What Was Going on HERE? At Somervell County Commissioners Court August 26, 2016
  Audio - About the Right of Way Road by old Hollywood and Vine Restaurant on Vine Street (2019)
  Audio-City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting Nov 25, 2019- re: Bryant/Leamons
  Audio-Somervell County Commissioners Court - Nov 15, 2019- About Election Results
  Audio- Somervell County Commissioners Court Dec 4 2019- HOT Tax Workshop
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US House Passes Resolution Calling Donald Trump's Comments Racist (7/16/2019)  7/17/2019 -salon  
What's Going on in Trump's Swamp Today? Oh, yeah, his hiring of illegal immigrants (2/8/2019)  2/8/2019 -salon  
Trump Now Saying Immigrants *Infest* the country. Utterly disgusting 6/19/2018 -salon  
State Driver's Licenses for ILLEGAL Immigrants? 4/18/2013 -pstern  
What % of Job Seekers in Texas Are Immigrants, Illegal or Otherwise -Rick Perry Says Many 8/16/2011 -salon  
Federal Government wants U.S. citizens to foot the tab to educate the children of illegal immigrants 5/6/2011 -pstern  
Secret Detentions in the United States.. for Immigrants 12/30/2009 -salon  
Did DHS Designate Undocumented Immigrants as Aggravated Felons Without Justification 2/19/2009 -salon  
Mandatory Gardasil for Immigrants? WHY THE KISSUP TO MERCK?  9/17/2008 -salon  
Irony O Day- Republicans Want to Deny Immigrants Benefits While Giving Telecom Companies Immunity 10/18/2007 -salon  
Voters overwhelmingly approve ordinance that bans renting to illegal immigrants  5/13/2007 -pstern  
H2B Visas and Poor Working Conditions for Immigrants  3/11/2007 -salon  
Misleading border statistics numbers on declining #s of illegal immigrants caught 12/7/2006 -salon  
Use Immigrants as Cannon Fodder? Department of Homeland Security Thinks That's a Fine Idea 11/24/2006 -salon  
Cornyn -We Need More Immigrants In This Country!  9/1/2006 -salon