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  Video- Former President Barack Obama on the State of our Democracy
  Draining Trump's Swamp- Michael Cohen Says Trump Directed Him to Commit Campaign Finance Violations
  Draining Trump's Swamp- Update- Paul Manafort Convicted of 8 Felony Counts
  What's Donald Trump Lying About Today and other corruptions? (Monday 7/23/2018
  Timeline of some interesting actions Trump and others took re: Russia Investigation
  Bits and Pieces- Stuff in the News`-John Bolton edition
  Paul Ryan Knew in 2016 that Putin Pays Trump and Dana Rohrabacher
  Trump Lied about Discussing Payment to Playboy Model- There's an audio tape
  Welp... Trump has just committed treason....
  The Mueller- Russia Investigation is quite quick by historical standards
  DOJ Indicts 12 Russian Intelligence officers for 2016 election hack
  Hah! Trump Calls an Interview He Gave that was Recorded *Fake News*
  The Senate Intelligence Committee Reports Russia DID interfere with our election, so why were some Republican Senators in Russia over the 4th of July?
  Text of the Lund v Rowan Co NC Prayer by Commissioners Court Case- Lund Won
  Followup on Somervell County Commissioners Court Unconstitutional Invocations (7/2/2018-Danny Chambers)
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Finally Trump Issues an Executive Order to Fix the Mess HE Created -How Will He Fix it for the Missing Children?  6/20/2018 -salon  
Rick Perry's Crony Executive Order for pal TXU and Mercury Emissions - 2005 9/13/2011 -salon  
Rick Perry Lies About Gardasil AGAIN... The CNN TeaParty Debate 9/13/2011 -salon  
Rick Perry Dumb O Day-Thinks an executive order can reverse obamacare 8/21/2011 -salon  
Why I'm Voting for Secessionist Rick Perry for President-Merck HPV Vaccine 6/14/2011 -salon  
Obama on Warrantless Wiretaps, Holding Prisoners without Charge and Bush's Executive Orders 3/8/2008 -salon  
Bush's Torture Executive Order- The LoopHole for CIA Interrogations that Violate the Geneva Conventions 8/26/2007 -salon  
Even a Wimpy President Should Expect the Vice President to Comply with Executive Orders 6/25/2007 -salon  
What's the point in Bush having executive orders if his own VP doesn't have to follow them? 6/22/2007 -joe
While the US Senate Works to Overturn Bush's Secretive Records Executive Order, Texas Toughens Up 6/14/2007 -salon  
Bush Lies Again- Said He'd Made an Executive Order to EPA about Greenhouse Gasses-Nope!  6/4/2007 -salon  
SMU wants Bush To Rescind his Secret White House Documents Executive Order 2/15/2007 -salon  
Waxahachie, Texas Letter to the Editor about Perry's Use of Executive Order Re: Mandatory HPV Vaccinations 2/13/2007 -salon  
HPV-Perry Takes Off the Crown and Admits the Legislature Can Trump his Executive Order 2/7/2007 -salon  
TXU and ((Houston based firm???)) Included Among Companies Paying for Rick Perry's 2 MILLION Dollar Inaugural 1/14/2007 -salon