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  Paul Harper offered to settle State of Texas ex rel. Best v Harper lawsuit for $68k back in 2016
  Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
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  Plans for Somervell County Salon Blog for 2020
  Imagine you were called up for jury duty and some people said they'd already made up their mind
  National Review on Removing Trump from Office (12/2019)
  Happy Holidays from Somervell County Salon 2019
  Been Wondering- WHY didn't Somervell County Attorney Andrew Lucas have a contract with outside attorney Mackenzie
  Sheriff Logs, Jail Logs, Fire Logs from Nov 15, 2019 through Dec 18, 2019
  *The Other* -Why Does Somervell County Hospital District Categorize Property Taxes as Other under Revenue
  Apparent TOMA Violation by Margaret Drake and Steven Vaseck at Somervell County Hospital District Meeting
  Latest on Glen Rose Medical Center Lab Outsourcing from Dec 5 2019 Somervell County Hospital District Meeting
  Leading Evangelical Magazine Calls For Trump to be Removed from Office
  Somervell County Hospital District CFO Report from Dec 5 2019 and I-35 Clinic Info
  Somervell County Judge Danny Chambers is the Logjam at the top of the State of Texas ex rel Best v Harper suit
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Will SCHD President Chip Harrison attempt to declare 'State of Civil Emergency' for Hospital District? 1/30/2016 -pharper  
On Freedom of Speech, Civility and Ayaan Hirsi Ali 9/21/2014 -salon  
Video- Joelle Ogletree's Appeal to the Texas Supreme Court Denied (October 8 2010) 10/12/2010 -salon  
A Few Interesting Civil Cases in Somervell County (April 2010)  4/16/2010 -salon  
State/County Nursing Homes Fair Game For Civil Lawsuits-SCOTU Lets Decision Stand-Feb 2010 3/1/2010 -salon  
Interesting Civil Cases in Somervell County 1/18/2009 -salon  
Open Civil Court Records in Texas Story  1/16/2009 -salon  
Military More Reliant on Air Strikes in Afghanistan-Which are Likely to Kill More Civilians 1/16/2009 -salon  
More interesting Civil Cases Filed in Somervell County  12/5/2008 -salon  
Interesting Civil Court Case Against Cowtown Pipeline in Somervell County  12/1/2008 -salon  
John McCain Said, in 2000 Presidential Bid, that US Troops Were Killing Innocent Civilians 10/8/2008 -salon  
WHY Are the Democrats Selling Out Our Civil Liberties (Re:FISA)- Telecom Money, Baby!  6/25/2008 -salon  
Joelle Ogletree has a CIVIL CASE DATE- April 27, 2009-In her Suit Against GRISD 6/22/2008 -salon  
Pathetic! US Wants to Rewrite Evidence Against the Gitmo Prisoners Before Civilian Trials 6/20/2008 -salon  
Are Democrats Sneaking Through Legislation to Protect Illegals? The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Says They Are.  5/21/2008 -pstern  
The End of American Civilization? 5/11/2008 -pstern  
Countdown's Bushed Segment- Buy-Bye to Civil Liberties and Privacy Board  2/5/2008 -salon  
About the Civil Case (249th District Ct) of Joelle Ogletree versus Glen Rose Independent School District 12/2/2007 -salon  
Ooopsie! US Says Iraq Attacks at Lowest Levels in 2 years- Then Murders Innocent Iraqi Civilians 11/19/2007 -salon  
Karzai (of Afghanistan) Wants the US To Quit Using Airstrikes- BECAUSE THEY KILL CIVILIANS  10/30/2007 -salon  
US Kills More Civilians In Iraq AirStrike-Uses that Tired *The Terrorists Made Us Do it* excuse 10/12/2007 -salon  
US Air Strikes in Iraq Kill More Civilians-Do we Violate ALL the Geneva Conventions?  10/7/2007 -salon  
Wow! Civil Disobedience on Building the Border Fence- Some Texas Border Officials Denying Access to THEIR land 10/3/2007 -salon  
Most Insurgent Attacks Target US Military- And Civilian Deaths Steady through the Escalation 9/10/2007 -salon  
The Great Divide Between Civilians and the Military-Who Secures Our Freedoms?  9/5/2007 -salon  
Our Video-Game WArs-Why is Killing Civilians via Air Strikes Okay? US Steps them up in Iraq.  8/9/2007 -salon  
More Iraqi civilians killed than when the atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki 8/4/2007 -joe
US and NATO Airstrikes Kill Scores of Innocent Civilians in Afghanistan This Week 7/7/2007 -salon  
US Raid in Afghanistan Kills Civilians - How Come First It was *NATO* Led Strikes? 7/1/2007 -salon  
Civil Disobedience- Resistance to NAIS (National Animal ID System) Premises Registering 6/21/2007 -salon  
US Ramping up Air Strikes on Iraq- Creating More Civilian Deaths-And More Americans Discouraged 6/6/2007 -salon  
US Airstrikes in Iraq-More Civilian Deaths Than Other Type of Weaponry? Why Secret? 5/27/2007 -salon  
US Coalition Forces Kill 2 Female Civilians in Afghanistan- Hundreds of Outraged Protesters Chanted Anti-American Slogans 4/30/2007 -salon  
Starbase-Funded by the Department of Defense as a Civilian Military Program ... for At -Risk School Children 12/17/2006 -salon  
When is an Iraq *Insurgent* a *Civilian? US-led Forces Kill 20 12/8/2006 -salon  
When Public Service Is Cast In Militarism- US Public Service Academy's Uses Military Style for Civilian University 12/8/2006 -salon  
Oh! So the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board LIKES Bush's Spy-On-Americans Programs (and thinks you will too) 11/28/2006 -salon  
John *Torture* Cornyn AKA *No Civil Liberties When You're Dead* gets Smacked 9/26/2006 -salon  
TAB (Texas Association of Business) Tidbits and that Dang Civil Lawsuit 8/29/2006 -salon  
John G Roberts Tried to Curtail Civil Rights in the Reagan Administration 8/1/2005 -salon  
Civil Rights Abuses Come to Ireland- US Investigators, including CIA Will be allowed to interrogate Irish citizens in their country 7/21/2005 -salon  
Prime Minister of Iraq Criticizes US for Civilian Deaths 7/12/2005 -salon  
America-Helping to Promote Civil War and Unrest in Iraq? 5/30/2005 -salon  
Texas Okays Ban on Gay Marriages and Civil Unions 4/25/2005 -salon  
Military Lies-US Does Keep a Tally of Iraqi Civilian Deaths 4/20/2005 -salon