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  Congress Needs to Start Impeachment Hearings Against Lawless Donald Trump
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Checking in on Trump's Dishonest and Corrupt Administration for 5/10/2019 5/10/2019 -salon  
Think Mean Old Trumpcare Won't Affect You? Only for Poor People or Welfare Cheats? (7/19/2017 7/19/2017 -salon  
Oh. So THIS is why Ron Washington left the Rangers-Cheated on his wife  9/18/2014 -salon  
Cheatin' Scumbag John Edwards Finally Admits What We All Knew-That He has an Illegitimate Kid 1/21/2010 -salon  
GOP Republican Family Values Claims SO OVER.. Another Cheating Hypocrite Bites the Dust 6/17/2009 -salon  
John Edwards-the Cheating Scumball-And Also a Lying Campaign Fund Shuffler 5/4/2009 -salon  
McCain Not only a Cheater but a Gambler 9/29/2008 -salon  
Mayor Sarah Palin Was a Cheater-More Details Of her Side Screw in the National Enquirer 9/24/2008 -salon  
Elizabeth Edwards Speaks Out about Cheater Husband John Edwards 9/18/2008 -salon  
So McCain Mentioned the Crippled Wife He Cheated on and Dumped for A Beer Heiress  9/16/2008 -salon  
So.. The Tribute to Cindy McCain Neglected to Mention McCain Was Cheating on His Crippled Wife 9/4/2008 -salon  
Is Sarah Palin a Cheater Like John McCain? National Enquirer Says So 9/3/2008 -salon  
When Is an *Extended Vacation* A Euphemism for Being Kicked Out of Your House for Cheating?  9/2/2008 -salon  
Texas Has a List of Bad Gas Pumps -Cheating You Out of Your Money  7/28/2008 -salon  
Not Only Is She a Cheating Bimbo-Cindy McCain Stole Drugs From her Own Charity 6/15/2008 -salon  
What about Hillary Clinton's Judgment for Sticking With Bill Clinton, Serial Cheater?  5/4/2008 -salon  
Hypocrisy Alert! Clinton Dumping Bill for Cheating -versus Walking out of church for comments 5/2/2008 -salon  
Rudy Guilinia-Scumball Cheatin' Man Has Zero Respect for the Catholic Faith 4/20/2008 -salon  
McCain Called His Current Wife (the One He Cheated on Wife #1 with) a BUNT 4/7/2008 -salon  
The Good Thing About McCain and his Cheating Ways Is He's Too Old To Do it Anymore 2/21/2008 -salon  
I hope the Giants beat the cheaters 2/2/2008 -joe
Scummy, Cheating, Rudy Guiliani and Bernie Kerik-I forgot that Guiliani had TWO mistresses while he was married 11/15/2007 -salon  
Texas Supreme Court tells Cheating Woman Her Pastor Can Rat Her Out 6/30/2007 -salon  
Globe on the Bush Marriage in Tatters-Cheating Bush Confesses to Laura, Boozes it up  6/22/2007 -salon  
Bush's Divorce, Boozing, and CHeating Scandals-Globe Rag Style! 5/18/2007 -salon  
RFID chips used to prevent NASCAR car owners from cheating 12/26/2006 -salon  
Texas Education Agency Hires Contractor Caveon to Find TAKS Cheaters- Caveon Won't Tell Them Who the Schools Are 7/23/2006 -salon