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  Reserving Judgement about the Mueller Report Until It's Publicly Released
  Trump wants to kill the Affordable Care Act- Buh-bye Protection for Pre-existing conditions
  Trump Attacks Medicare and Farmers - His Budget Requests
  Sunshine Week 2019 and Anti-Slapp Law in Texas
  Trump the Serial Liar's Swamp for 3/1/2019
  Turk Case Update- Telephone Conference Hearing Set for March 8 2019
  Hah! There are seriously people that believe God appointed immoral unethical Trump
  Texas Open Meetings Act-One Provision Struck Down by Criminal Court of Appeals
  How is what Google did in Midlothian Texas transparent?
  Wow! Trump Says He Didn't Need to do his Wall Emergency-So it's NOT an Emergency
  Monarch Butterflies are Disappearing - That and Trump's Immoral Wall
  Video about Nemo, Texas from WFAA
  On Trump Violating the Magnitsky Act (2/11/2019)
  Southern Baptist Sex Offenders- Houston Chronicle Created an online database
  On National Enquirer (AMI) Threatening Blackmail on Various People -Including Jeff Bezos
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Supreme Court Upholds Gun Ban for Domestic Violence Abusers  6/27/2016 -salon  
Judge in Animal Abuse Case Cites Romney's Dog on Car - hah!  7/30/2012 -salon  
Citizens Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse 10/18/2011 -pstern  
Yuck! What kind of creep sexually abuses 13 year old girls?  3/25/2011 -salon  
Almost A Year Since Luke Humphrey Died- Update on Guardianship Abuse in Texas  7/12/2010 -salon  
Yes! Give the PUC More Power to Go After Texas Electricity Provider Abuses  4/24/2010 -salon  
Medical Helicopter Abuses- When There Aren't Strict Regulations Governing How Used AND Paid for 12/4/2009 -salon  
TASER Follies and Abuse of Power- Man Tased by Police After Trying to Rescue Family from Burning Home 11/5/2009 -salon  
More on Guardianship Abuse in America (Glen Rose) 6/29/2009 -salon  
Abused by GM and Chrysler: Time for Americans to Make a Bold Statement 6/12/2009 -pstern  
Obama Continues to Solidify His Role as Bush's Clone- Refuses NOW to Release Torture and Abuse Photos 5/14/2009 -salon  
BACA -Bikers Against Child Abuse -Raised Money-Includes Riders from Somervell County 5/7/2009 -salon  
Abused Women Should Stay in their Marriage-Another Reason Rick Warren Sucks 1/2/2009 -salon  
Palin's Email Abuse-It'll Cost Ya 15 MILLION Dollars To Search My Emails, Suckas!  10/19/2008 -salon  
Sarah Palin Lies... AGAIN.. -Says There was no Abuse of Power in the Troopergate Report 10/15/2008 -salon  
Irony O Day- Sarah Palin Says McCain Will End *Abuses of Power*-What, is he going to dump HER?  10/13/2008 -salon  
Governor Sarah Palin abused her power but she refuses to acknowledge she did 10/11/2008 -joe
Huh? Obama Would Trust the IG To Prevent Surveillance Abuses-THERE ARE ALREADY ABUSES 6/24/2008 -salon  
Fiscal Responsibility or Prisoner Abuse 5/18/2008 -whitkat  
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month  4/15/2008 -pstern  
One More on Mitt Romney-His Abuse of Power in 2003 re: Vacay Home Property in New Hampshire 12/21/2007 -salon  
Fort Worth Weekly Article on Eminent Domain and its Abuses 9/6/2007 -salon  
US Justice Department (under incompetent Alberto Gonzales) Knew about TYC Abuse and Did Nothing 8/5/2007 -salon  
Texas Legislative Continuance Abuses and Phil King (Weatherford)'s Surprise Hiring by Oil and Gas Company  2/24/2007 -salon  
Texas Senator Fraser of Horseshoe Bay Says TXU Racks Up Record Profits, Abuses Its Customers 12/9/2006 -salon  
Who Will Hold Halliburton to Account for Contractor Abuse in Iraq? Judge Dismisses Case Against Them 9/25/2006 -salon  
Who is Accountable? Soldier Instructed to Abuse Prisoners at Abu Ghraib 8/20/2005 -salon  
Why the Pentagon is Fighting Release of the Abuse Photos Ordered by the Courts to be Released 7/24/2005 -salon  
Civil Rights Abuses Come to Ireland- US Investigators, including CIA Will be allowed to interrogate Irish citizens in their country 7/21/2005 -salon  
Abu Ghraib Abuse Was First Practiced at Guantanemo Bay -Miller Involvement 7/14/2005 -salon  
News Dump Late on a Friday Night-Pentagon Admits Koran Abused at Guantanemo Bay 6/3/2005 -salon  
Taliban gone, Afghanistan Women Still Abused 5/31/2005 -salon  
Rice Doesn't Believe An Independent Inquiry of Prisoner Abuse is Necessary 5/28/2005 -salon  
Demonstrations against Guantanemo Bay Abuse Continue in Jakarta 5/27/2005 -salon  
About the Gitmo Abuse and Koran Desecration- US Knew about it in 2002 5/25/2005 -salon  
International Red Cross Told the US of Koran Abuse in 2002 5/19/2005 -salon  
Cherif Bassiouni Removed from Post for Human Rights Abuse Report in Afghanistan 4/29/2005 -salon  
Reid: Bush Goes Back on Word and Encourages Irresponsible Abuse of Power 4/22/2005 -salon  
Chet Edwards among those who voted for S256- Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act 4/1/2005 -salon