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  The Corrupt Swamp of Trump - 12/6/2019
  Trump Impeachment O Day - 12/6/2019
  Why Didn't Somervell County Hospital District member Ron Hankins RECUSE himself from vote or actions re: State of Texas ex rel Best v Harper?
  On the Temporary Restraining Order Somervell County Attorney Andy Lucas & Ron Hankins Tried to Prevent Harper from attending meetings
  Catching up with what happened re: Possible Sale of Oakdale Park in Glen Rose
  Hypocrite Hankins! Somervell County Hospital District Board Member Says He'd Like to Take Tax Rate Down to Zero
  Status On Those For-Profit Clinics that Somervell County Hospital District has been operating OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT
  Somervell County property taxes 2nd highest when compared to surrounding counties
  Part of your RAISED Somervell County Hospital District taxes going for Pecan Clinic in Hood County
  Should Somervell County Hospital District Keep Records Past 90 days? They voted to delete video
  Property taxes raised 8% by Somervell County Hospital District
  Somervell County Hospital District To Engage Lawyer to Get Lab Fees Blue Cross Blue Shield Denies
  A Couple of interesting changes in the Texas Lege in 2019 re: Public Comments
  Another Goofy Action Andy Lucas, Somervell County Attorney, Took as the State of Texas in State of Texas Ex Rel Best v Harper
  Opinion. How Derelict was Andy Lucas, Somervell County Attorney, in the State of Texas ex rel Best v Harper Case?
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Democratic Candidates in the Upcoming 2020 Race 4/25/2019 -salon  
So the Texas Democratic Party is Going to Cleburne This weekend 3/23/2017 -salon  
Didn't Go to Texas Democratic Convention-Will NOT Vote for Hillary Clinton 6/17/2016 -salon  
Hahah. DailyKos Founder Markos Moulitsas Bullies, Pushes *Unity* on Democrats Before Primaries Are Over 3/5/2016 -salon  
Ironic for the *Democratic Party* to Use SuperDelegates Which are VERY Undemocratic  2/12/2016 -salon  
Bernie Sanders New Campaign Ad-Together Vote 2/10/2016 -salon  
Should Democratic Liberals Give Hillary Clinton a Pass About Bill Clinton?  1/12/2016 -salon  
Glen Rose needs to revive the local Somervell Democratic Party - 2016 1/6/2016 -salon  
Couple of Videos about the Democratic Debate on MSNBC 11/6/2015 11/7/2015 -salon  
Bernie Sanders KILLED IT at the Iowa Democratic Party JJ Dinner (Oct 2015) 10/25/2015 -salon  
After Democratic Debate-STILL for Bernie Sanders for President -Authenticity on Policy Positions 10/14/2015 -salon  
Video-Republican Election Judges but no Democratic Ones? (8/10/2015-Somervell County) 8/11/2015 -salon  
Started a Somervell County Democrats Group on Facebook 6/16/2015 -salon  
Why I Don't EVER Vote for a Republican 3/24/2015 -salon  
C'Mon, Democratic Party-I'm a Democrat-Give me SOMEBODY BESIDES HILLARY CLINTON to vote for 3/19/2015 -salon  
Won't Vote for a Republican....but not excited about Hillary Clinton either 3/3/2015 -salon  
What? Do I AGREE with Sid Miller? Has he BECOME A DEMOCRAT????? 3/3/2015 -salon  
Democrats and Republicans... 1/9/2015 -pstern  
Jimmie Ray Hogan- Campaign Finance Report-Johnson County Man Who Ran as a Democrat Against Sid Miller 12/18/2014 -salon  
Obama, Democrats push for new immigration reform 12/22/2013 -pstern  
Our democratic system broken by crazed republicans  10/9/2013 -salon  
TWO Democratic State Races Left off Early Voting Somervell County Ballot (May 21 2012) 5/21/2012 -salon  
Bill Norris is THE Democratic Challenger for Texas House District 59 5/19/2012 -salon  
Sid *Sonogram* Miller has a Democratic Party Challenger for TX House Dist 59 3/31/2012 -salon  
The *We'll Go Over To The Dark Side If You Criticize Us* Christian Whine 9/8/2011 -salon  
Alice Patterson for Rick Perry's Bigoted The Response Event Sez Democrats Part of Invisible Network of Evil 8/5/2011 -salon  
Why Texas Governor Rick Perry Should NOT Be the Presidential Choice of Republican OR Democratic Voters 8/1/2011 -pstern  
On the Rumoured Gayness of Rick Perry- One of the Most Popular Posts on the Site Recently 6/23/2011 -salon  
Thanks to President Obama and the Democrats for putting my two daughters on my insurance 1/4/2011 -pharper  
Somervell County Democratic Party is celebrating Jesus' Birthday 12/3/2010 -pharper  
Michelle from Chet Edwards Office Doing Phone Calls at the Somervell County Democratic Party Today 10/29/2010 -salon  
sigh-The Democrats Might As Well be Republicans- Recess Appointments Deal Struck 9/30/2010 -salon  
Democrats SMACK DOWN Brian Birdwell's Response to Residency Lawsuit (Texas Senate District 22)  8/14/2010 -salon  
Somervell County Democrats Are Having a Pot Luck Supper on August 9th at 6:30 pm  8/6/2010 -salon  
Democrats Have Filed a Lawsuit Over Brian Birdwell's Eligibility to be Senator in SD 22  8/6/2010 -salon  
Vote Republican, Democrat or Independent? 7/27/2010 -pstern  
Tea Party Movement: Corporate One-Party Rule Still Controls Republican & Democrat Two-Party Rule 4/28/2010 -pstern  
Pics from Election Night Somervell County March 2 2010-Dwayne Griffin Wins Democratic Judge Primary 3/3/2010 -salon  
Election Results for Somervell County Democratic Party Primary 3/2/2010 -pharper  
Video from Somervell County Meet the Democratic Candidates (Feb 13 2010) 2/13/2010 -salon  
Texas Democratic *Debate* on KERA (Public Broadcasting) Station is a SHAM 1/31/2010 -salon  
'Democrats, Get Down to Business 1/25/2010 -pstern  
Somervell County Democratic Party - County and Precinct Chair Candidates 1/8/2010 -pharper  
Democrats Voted Thursday to Add Money to prevent Medicare Payment Cuts to Doctors.. But Not Chet Edwards 11/20/2009 -salon  
E Tu, Patrick Leahy? Democrats in Power Now But Cannot Reverse the Poisonous Patriot Act 10/9/2009 -salon  
Hank Gilbert is Going to Run for Governor! (Democrat-Texas)  8/26/2009 -salon  
The gloves come off early in the Texas Democratic Party U.S. Senate campaigns 8/15/2009 -pharper  
Democratic Reps in Washington State Not Afraid of the Anarchist Town Hall Meeting Disrupters 8/13/2009 -salon  
Tom Schieffer, *Democratic* Governor for Texas Candidate, Underwhelms (Aug 11 2009) 8/11/2009 -salon  
RNC Does a *Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo*- Name Calling the Democrats 5/13/2009 -salon  
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