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  Welp... Trump has just committed treason....
  The Mueller- Russia Investigation is quite quick by historical standards
  DOJ Indicts 12 Russian Intelligence officers for 2016 election hack
  Hah! Trump Calls an Interview He Gave that was Recorded *Fake News*
  The Senate Intelligence Committee Reports Russia DID interfere with our election, so why were some Republican Senators in Russia over the 4th of July?
  Text of the Lund v Rowan Co NC Prayer by Commissioners Court Case- Lund Won
  Followup on Somervell County Commissioners Court Unconstitutional Invocations (7/2/2018-Danny Chambers)
  Glen Rose ISD (GRISD)'s Unconstitutional Practice of Invocations at School Board Meetings (2018)
  US Supreme Court Will not review Lund v Rowan Co -Case about Prayers at Govt Meetings Led by County Commissioners
  State of Texas ex rel Darrell Best v Paul Harper - Paul Harper wins again, this time at the Texas Supreme Court (TCPA/Anti-Slapp) - 6/29/2018
  Some parents may never see their children again due to Trump's atrocious policy
  Finally Trump Issues an Executive Order to Fix the Mess HE Created -How Will He Fix it for the Missing Children?
  Can This Get Any Worse? Yes, Immigrant Children Claim They were Drugged (Trump's America)
  More Fallout- American Airlines Asks to be Removed from Transporting Children
  What is WRONG with ANY Religion that believes a god put a man like Trump in power
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CPAC Meeting (Glen Rose Parks and Planning) Audio from October 7 2009 10/13/2009 -salon  
Audio- Glen Rose ISD (GRISD) School Board Meeting for September 2009 10/13/2009 -salon  
Agenda for City of Glen Rose Preservation Board Meeting October 15 2009 10/13/2009 -salon  
Noise Ordinance Restriction in Downtown Glen Rose? (September 2009) 10/10/2009 -salon  
Video from Glen Rose ISD School Board Meeting re: Open/Public Records Requests September 2009 10/10/2009 -salon  
Is Glen Rose Planning and Zoning Being a Rubber Stamp for the City of Glen Rose?  10/10/2009 -salon  
More on Open Records Requests-RE: The GRISD (Glen Rose ISD) School Board Meeting in September 2009 10/10/2009 -salon  
Agenda for City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting for October 12, 2009 10/10/2009 -salon  
Trip to Glen Rose by BurbMom 10/9/2009 -salon  
David Dulcie of Glen Rose showcased in Baylor Lariat article  10/9/2009 -salon  
University Interscholastic League Marching Competition Hosted at Glen Rose High School Oct 17 2009 10/8/2009 -salon  
Paluxy Marching Festival at Glen Rose Tiger Stadium- 18 High School Bands- on Saturday Oct 10 2009 10/8/2009 -salon  
Paluxysaurus Being Put Together for Fort Worth Museum (Fossils in Glen Rose) 10/6/2009 -salon  
Somervell County, City of Glen Rose, Glen Rose ISD, and other local and surrounding area tax rates for 2008 10/5/2009 -pharper  
Cyclist Who Won Second in the Texas Time Trials (Glen Rose) Found Dead in Parker County 10/5/2009 -salon  
Some Paluxy Pedal Pictures from 2009 Including The Wall -Glen Rose 10/3/2009 -salon  
Agenda for 4B Tax Advisory Board (City of Glen Rose) for October 5 2009 10/2/2009 -salon  
Yum! Spaghetti Dinner Tonight at the Citizen's Center (Glen Rose) for Paluxy Pedal 2009 10/2/2009 -salon  
Oakdale Park, Glen Rose-FILL OUT THIS FORM AND TAKE IT TO CITY HALL ASAP (Oct 2 2009) 10/2/2009 -salon  
Somervell County Almost Got the Luke Humphrey Case 10/2/2009 -salon  
Agenda for Somervell County Special Session October 5 2009 10/2/2009 -salon  
Asking Again, Why are Glen Rose ISD Teachers Given Two Prep Times Daily?  10/1/2009 -salon  
Agenda for Special Meeting of Glen Rose ISD October 5 2009 10/1/2009 -salon  
CANCELLED- Design Review Committee for City of Glen Rose on Oct 1 2009 10/1/2009 -salon  
Video-Katherine McCravey about FCCLA Competition-at Glen Rose ISD School Board Meeting 9/30/2009 -salon  
Glen Rose ISD School Board Gives Special Recognition to Jessie Collins 9/30/2009 -salon  
Video-Service Award Presentation for Lisa Schmidt at Glen Rose ISD School Board Meeting Sept 28 2009 9/29/2009 -salon  
Agenda for City of Glen Rose Parks and Recreation Open Space Master Plan-2 Meetings- Oct 7 and Oct 8 2009 9/29/2009 -salon  
Glen Rose-Graham High School Football Score September 25 2009 9/26/2009 -salon  
Glen Rose ISD School Board Packet Notice for September 28 2009 Meeting 9/25/2009 -salon  
Agenda for Special Session Somervell County Commissioner's Court Sept 28 2009 9/25/2009 -salon  
Regarding Editorial Policy at the Glen Rose Reporter- Charley Thomas  9/23/2009 -salon  
Glen Rose ISD's Attorneys Fight To Keep Public Records Secret 9/23/2009 -salon  
Homecoming Parade and Tailgate Party Tonight at Glen Rose High School (Sept 23 2009) 9/23/2009 -salon  
Minutes from the City of Glen Rose Special Session Sept 21 2009 9/22/2009 -salon  
Agenda for Special Session Somervell County Commissioner's Court Sept 25 2009 9/22/2009 -salon  
Video- City Council Member Requested Calling Off Enforcement About Non-Compliance Complaints (Glen Rose) 9/22/2009 -salon  
Video-Chris Bryant Votes Against Own Resolution (Glen Rose City Council) 9/22/2009 -salon  
Audio- City of Glen Rose Special Meeting September 21 2009 9/22/2009 -salon  
James Slyder of Glen Rose Died Early Today in a Motorcycle Wreck 9/21/2009 -salon  
Agenda for 4b Design Review Committee Meeting (Glen Rose) for September 24 2009 9/21/2009 -salon  
Reminder and Invitation if You Have a Point of View You Would Like to Express (Glen Rose) 9/20/2009 -salon  
Charlie Thomas (Glen Rose) Submits His Name to be on the Hospital Authority Board 9/20/2009 -salon  
Glen Rose High School Football- Glen Rose v Ranchview (Sept 19 2009) 9/19/2009 -salon  
Techie Talk-About Glen Rose ISD's SAN (Storage Area Network) and Disaster Recovery 9/18/2009 -salon  
Audio from Somervell County Regular Session for September 14 2009 9/18/2009 -salon  
More Video from Senator Kip Averitt (SD22)'s Town Hall Meeting in Glen Rose on September 16 2009 9/17/2009 -salon  
Special Meeting Notice for City of Glen Rose for September 21 2009 9/17/2009 -salon  
Video from Senator Kip Averitt's Town Hall Meeting in Glen Rose on September 16 2009 9/17/2009 -salon  
Video from City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting September 14 2009 9/17/2009 -salon  
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