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NRC Meeting in Somervell County -Video - June 2008 in Glen Rose- About Comanche Peak Part 3 6/15/2008 -salon  
NRC Meeting in Somervell County June 12 2008- Part 2  6/15/2008 -salon  
Some Audio-Video from Nuclear Regulatory Commission Meeting in Somervell County on Thursday-Part 1 6/14/2008 -salon  
NRC Held Meeting Last night in Somervell County about Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant 6/13/2008 -salon  
Reminder: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Meeting June 12 at Somervell Co Expo 6/11/2008 -salon  
Texas Democratic Party State Convention Report - Somervell County 6/9/2008 -Chair
Somervell County May Get Antler Restrictions -Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 5/29/2008 -salon  
What Ever Happened To The Criminal Mischief Investigation Involving Doyle and Smith?  5/17/2008 -salon  
Happy Mother*s Day to All Mothers From Somervell County Salon 5/9/2008 -salon  
Updated Somervell County Salon's Look  5/9/2008 -salon  
Somervell County Democratic Chair Interviewed by Blog 4/22/2008 -salon  
Over Three Years of Blogging by Somervell County Salon 4/21/2008 -salon  
Dale Henry Won Somervell County 21-13 (Texas Railroad Commissioner Runoff)  4/8/2008 -salon  
From the Somervell County Commissioner's Court April 7, 08 4/7/2008 -salon  
Hmmmm. Why did Duane Cox of the Somervell Central Appraisal District quit?  4/3/2008 -salon  
Update on Wearing Obama T-Shirt at Somervell County Democratic Conventions 3/31/2008 -salon  
Some Pictures from the Somervell County Democratic County Convention March 30, 2008 3/30/2008 -salon  
Some Thoughts on the Somervell County Democratic County Convention 3/29/2008 -salon  
Leaving soon to go the Somervell County Democratic Convention 3/29/2008 -salon  
Couple of Comments about the Somervell County Texas County Convention 3/27/2008 -salon  
Election Results for Somervell County, Texas from SOS Website 3/4/2008 -salon  
My Precinct Caucus Experience in Somervell County, Texas 3/4/2008 -salon  
The Delegate Breakdown of the Democratic Party in Somervell County, Texas 3/4/2008 -Chair
Record Early Vote Turnout in Somervell County (Texas) 10 Percent Have already voted 3/3/2008 -salon  
Went to the 14th Annual Glen Rose PRCA held at the Somervell County Expo Last Night 3/2/2008 -salon  
Obama Campaign Update from Somervell County, Texas 2/26/2008 -salon  
Somervell County Salon was at the debate!  2/22/2008 -salon  
Somervell County Commissioner's Meeting for Feb 11, 2008 2/11/2008 -salon  
TCEQ Recommends Somervell County be part of Central Texas (Trinity Aquifer) Groundwater District 2/7/2008 -salon  
Be careful today- still really windy in Somervell County 1/31/2008 -salon  
Don't forget there is a BURN BAN around here (Somervell County, Texas) 1/29/2008 -salon  
Hello to Samantha from Mingus, Texas who has put herself on the Somervell County Salon map!  1/27/2008 -salon  
Johnson and Somervell County, Texas Criminal Justice Community Planning Process  1/27/2008 -salon  
Why Did I Create the Blog Somervell County Salon?  1/24/2008 -salon  
Video of Ernie Casbeer (Candidate Tx House Dist 59) at Somervell Democratic Candidates Night 1/9/2008 -salon  
What Does Wayne Rotan Make As Glen Rose ISD School Superintendent? 1/9/2008 -salon  
Juvenile Services of Johnson and Somervell Counties Scores 100 on Audit 12/24/2007 -salon  
Emergency Helicopter Airlifts-What Happens If it's POLITICIZED???? Membership Selling in Somervell County 12/23/2007 -salon  
Happy Holidays to all the Somervell County Salon Readers 12/22/2007 -salon  
Reader Compliment for Somervell County Salon 12/19/2007 -salon  
Some Pics of the Somervell County Courthouse from Dec 17 2007 12/18/2007 -salon  
VIDEO- Somervell County Commissioners Court on the Garbage Cost Increase Dec 07 12/13/2007 -salon  
Video of Somervell County Fire Chief Introducing Newbies 12/13/2007 -salon  
Somervell County Commissioners Court December 10, 2007 12/11/2007 -salon  
Doing some Winter Doldrum Fixups on Somervell County Salon Today 11/26/2007 -salon  
To all the Somervell County Salon Readers- Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving 11/21/2007 -salon  
Remember the Somervell County Food Bank This Holiday Season 11/19/2007 -salon  
Election Results for Somervell County 11/7/2007 -Chair
Additional Nuclear Reactors in Somervell County, TX-Video from 2006 11/4/2007 -salon  
Sex Offenders in Somervell County 11/1/2007 -joe
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