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  Welp... Trump has just committed treason....
  The Mueller- Russia Investigation is quite quick by historical standards
  DOJ Indicts 12 Russian Intelligence officers for 2016 election hack
  Hah! Trump Calls an Interview He Gave that was Recorded *Fake News*
  The Senate Intelligence Committee Reports Russia DID interfere with our election, so why were some Republican Senators in Russia over the 4th of July?
  Text of the Lund v Rowan Co NC Prayer by Commissioners Court Case- Lund Won
  Followup on Somervell County Commissioners Court Unconstitutional Invocations (7/2/2018-Danny Chambers)
  Glen Rose ISD (GRISD)'s Unconstitutional Practice of Invocations at School Board Meetings (2018)
  US Supreme Court Will not review Lund v Rowan Co -Case about Prayers at Govt Meetings Led by County Commissioners
  State of Texas ex rel Darrell Best v Paul Harper - Paul Harper wins again, this time at the Texas Supreme Court (TCPA/Anti-Slapp) - 6/29/2018
  Some parents may never see their children again due to Trump's atrocious policy
  Finally Trump Issues an Executive Order to Fix the Mess HE Created -How Will He Fix it for the Missing Children?
  Can This Get Any Worse? Yes, Immigrant Children Claim They were Drugged (Trump's America)
  More Fallout- American Airlines Asks to be Removed from Transporting Children
  What is WRONG with ANY Religion that believes a god put a man like Trump in power
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Somebody's Watching Over You at the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose... and It's  10/26/2010 -salon  
Audio- Glen Rose ISD School Board Meeting for October 25, 2010 10/26/2010 -salon  
Open Meeting Thursday about Comanche Peak Expansion - October 28, 2010 10/26/2010 -salon  
Audio and Minutes from Somervell County Commissioners Court October 25, 2010  10/25/2010 -salon  
Don't Forget you Can Early Vote TODAY Saturday 8-12 (10/23/2010) at Somervell County Courthouse 10/23/2010 -salon  
More Dinosaur Tracks Found in Glen Rose? October 2010  10/23/2010 -salon  
Agenda for Somervell County Hospital Authority Town Hall Meeting October 26 2010 10/22/2010 -salon  
Agenda for Somervell County Hospital Authority dba Glen Rose Medical Center Oct 28 2010 10/22/2010 -salon  
Agenda for Glen Rose ISD Board of Trustees Meeting October 25, 2010  10/22/2010 -salon  
Also from Somervell Budget for 2011- $2000 in Seminar Expense for Mike Dooley 10/22/2010 -salon  
Saw Somervell County putting in the *spur* road by Fossil Rim (Oct 22 2010) 10/22/2010 -salon  
Agenda for Somervell County Commissioners Court Oct 25 2010 10/22/2010 -salon  
Audio and Minutes from Somervell County Commissioners Court Oct 18 2010  10/21/2010 -salon  
Check Registers for City of Glen Rose Month of September 2010  10/21/2010 -salon  
Agenda for Regular Meeting of City Council City of Glen Rose Oct 25 2010  10/21/2010 -salon  
Political Postings and Sausage Making When Viewing Too Much Of It Makes You Ill  10/20/2010 -salon  
Video-Will Bratton Talks to Somervell County Residents- For Texas House District 59 (2010) 10/19/2010 -salon  
City of Glen Rose City Vehicles As of October 2010  10/18/2010 -salon  
Reminder that the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce wants you to go to Dallas tomorrow 10/18/2010 -pharper  
Some Photos from Somervell County National Night Out (Fire and EMS) 2010 10/16/2010 -salon  
Agenda for Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Session Oct 18 2010  10/15/2010 -salon  
Check Register for Somervell County Month of September 2010  10/14/2010 -salon  
The Rumour Mill (10/14/2010) - Is The Oakdale Park Manager Job Description Bar Set Low on Purpose?  10/14/2010 -salon  
Tale of Two Different Earth Kind Roses in Glen Rose -One Set Killed, The Other Thriving 10/14/2010 -salon  
John Graves to be Honored at the Brazos River Fest in Granbury (Oct 22 2010) 10/14/2010 -salon  
Not Nonpartisan If the Group Is Run by GOP Affiliations (Speaker Education Project-SEP) 10/14/2010 -salon  
Chet Edwards Continues to Defend Using Earmarks (US House District 17) 10/13/2010 -salon  
Heh. Fort Worth Weekly Takes on Glen Rose - Jeff Prince's Article of October 13, 2010  10/13/2010 -salon  
You Can Get Your Well Water Tested- Somervell County October 18th 2010 10/13/2010 -salon  
Video- Chet Edwards' Ad about Bill Flores and Bankruptcy 10/12/2010 -salon  
Audio - Somervell County Hospital Authority Board Meeting Oct 7 2010 10/12/2010 -salon  
Video- Joelle Ogletree's Appeal to the Texas Supreme Court Denied (October 8 2010) 10/12/2010 -salon  
Really Pretty Day Today-Went Down to the Glen Rose Riverwalk 10/12/2010 -salon  
Video-City of Glen Rose Town Council Talks About Surveillance Cameras on Riverwalk 10/12/2010 -salon  
Video- Let's Go Hire For a Job Before We Have a Job Description-WHEE!!!!! 10/12/2010 -salon  
Video-Johnny Martin Made Glen Rose Mayor Pro-Tem  10/12/2010 -salon  
Video- Karen Richardson Talks About Historical Preservation Project  10/12/2010 -salon  
VIDEO-Glen Rose City Council appoints new council member Tom Osborne 10/12/2010 -salon  
Audio- Somervell County Special Session Oct 8 2010  10/12/2010 -salon  
Audio and Some Pics from City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting Oct 11 2010 10/11/2010 -salon  
This is News? Pro Nuclear Power Plant Lobbying Group To Give Award to Chet *Earmark King* Edwards 10/11/2010 -salon  
Speed Traps in Glen Rose and Somervell County?  10/11/2010 -salon  
Well Owners Register With the PGCD? Hearing in Johnson County on Oct 18 about Groundwater Rules  10/9/2010 -salon  
Bill Flores Who Speaks Against Government Bailouts, Received Sweet Deal through Bankruptcy 10/9/2010 -salon  
Paluxy Valley Marching Band Contest is Today in Glen Rose (October 9 2010) at GRISD 10/9/2010 -salon  
Feels Like the Iceberg of Glen Rose City Council Coverup Is Breaking Up 10/9/2010 -salon  
*I think they might have predicted our demise a little too soon,* says Chet Edwards 10/8/2010 -pharper  
Agenda Somervell County Water District Board Meeting October 11 2010 7 pm  10/8/2010 -salon  
Agenda Regular Session of Somervell County Commissioners Court Oct 12 2010 10/8/2010 -salon  
Agenda for City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting October 11.2010 10/7/2010 -salon  
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